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The Michigan Murders

Edgar Award Finalist: The terrifying true story of savage murders, a terrorized midwestern town, and the serial killer who could have lived next door In 1967, during the time of peace, free love, and hitchhiking, nineteen-year-old Mary Terese Fleszar was last seen alive walking home to her apartment in Ypsilanti, Michigan. One month later, her naked body—stabbed over thirty times and missing both feet and a forearm—was discovered, partially buried, on an abandoned farm. A year later, the body of twenty-year-old Joan Schell was found, similarly violated. Southeastern Michigan was terrorized by something it had never experienced before: a serial killer. Over the next two years, five more bodies were uncovered around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan. All the victims were tortured and mutilated. All were female students. After multiple failed investigations, a chance sighting finally led to a suspect. On the surface, John Norman Collins was an all-American boy—a fraternity member studying elementary education at Eastern Michigan University. But Collins wasn’t all that he seemed. His female friends described him as aggressive and short tempered. And in August 1970, Collins, the “Ypsilanti Ripper,” was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole. Written by the coauthor of The French Connection, The Michigan Murders delivers a harrowing depiction of the savage murders that tormented a small midwestern town.
Author: Edward Keyes
Published by Open Road Media on 04/19/2016
Book details: 360 pages.

Double Dare

A drug dealer turned informant navigates New York’s underworld in a tale that “maintains tension” from an Edgar Award finalist (The New York Times Book Review). A twenty-nine-year-old Italian immigrant, Tony Farrell has all the trappings of success: custom threads, an imported roadster, an apartment in an elegant duplex on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and a devoted girlfriend and business partner, Liz, who thinks she’s nabbed her own Al Pacino. On the downside, their little First Avenue bistro, Anthony’s, is in the red . . . until Tony agrees to pay his debts to a Mob loan shark the only way he can—turning his beloved restaurant into a hot spot for the drug trade. It’s a move that will lead to Tony’s undoing. Busted by undercover cops, Tony’s only hope is to become an informant for an FBI task force. The plan is to help them catch a powerful Haitian drug lord known as the Giant, who’s importing raw coke from South America via American cruise lines. But this fresh new nightmare won’t consume just Tony; it’s about to trap everyone he knows—lovers and enemies. And making it out alive isn’t going to be easy because, when the world gets this dark, it’s impossible to know who to trust or where to run. Edward Keyes’s true-crime book The Michigan Murders was named an Edgar Award finalist. In Double Dare, he presents the gripping tale of a man caught between the Mafia and law enforcement in a novel praised by Robin Moore, author of The French Connection, as “the most suspenseful, fast-moving police story of its genre [he’s] ever read.”
Author: Edward Keyes
Published by Open Road Media on 02/28/2017
Book details: 354 pages.

Over 225 Years of Keys/ Keyes

Over 225 years of Keys/Keyes in Eastern North Carolina by Bunyon Keys, a native son of Blounts Creek offers the readers an insight of the Keys Families that originated in Blounts Creek, Beaufort County and spread not only to Eastern North Carolina, but throughout many parts of the United States and several other areas of the world. Listed in many documents, I have seen the name spelled as Keys, Kee, Key, Keyes, Kees, Keais, Keen and many other variations. Taken from the Surname Data Base Last Name Origin from the internet; The surname Keys is English and was first recorded as belonging to the family of Roger Keys. The recorded information was dated 1275. For simplicity, I have in most cases used the spelling Keys or Keyes. The Keys (families) were started by Milley Keys, except for one family in this area and that family is listed in Chapter 7 of this document. There are some instances where the two families inter-married. The 2nd family was the decedents of William Keys from Virginia perhaps a cousin of Milley. (Evidence points to Milleys ancestors being from England and dating back to the mid 1650s.)
Author: Bunyon Keys
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 05/01/2018
Book details: 170 pages.

American Bards

"Edward Whitley's book maps James M. Whitfield, Eliza R. Snow, and John Rollin Ridge prominently onto nineteenth-century American poetic history as a group of poets seeking to become national bards not by embracing the traditional trappings of nationalism
Published by Univ of North Carolina Press on 08/17/2019
Book details: 248 pages.

Terror in Ypsilanti

Between the summers of 1967 through 1969, before the term serial killer was coined, a predatory killer stalked the campuses of Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan seeking prey until he made the arrogant mistake of killing his last victim in the basement of his uncle's home. All American boy John Norman Collins was arrested, tried, and convinced of the strangulation murder of Karen Sue Beineman. The other murders attributed to Collins never went to trial, with one exception, and soon became cold. cases. With the benefit of fifty years of hindsight, hundreds of vintage newspaper articles, thousand of police reports, and countless interviews, Terror in Ypsilanti: John Norman Collins Unmasked tells the stories of the other victims, recreates the infamous trial that took Collins off the streets, and details Collins' time spent in prison. Terror in Ypsilanti compiles an array of physical and circumstantial evidence drawing an unmistakable portrait of the sadistic murderer who slaughtered these innocent young women.
Published by Wheatmark, Inc. on 08/01/2016
Book details: 516 pages.

Bessie Potter Vonnoh

In the Gilded Age, when most sculptors aspired to produce monu ments, Bessie Potter Vonnoh (1872–1955) made significant contributions to small bronze sculpture and garden statuary designed for the embellishment of the home. Her work commanded admiration for her fluid and suggestive modeling, graceful lines, and sculptural form. In 1904 Bessie Potter Vonnoh won the gold medal for sculpture at the St. Louis World’s Fair for bronzes of contemporary American women and children that delighted all who saw them. Although Vonnoh’s work is represented today in museums throughout the United States, Bessie Potter Vonnoh: Sculptor of Women provides for the first time an intimate and engaging encounter with one of the most widely respected sculptors of her day. Julie Aronson explores how, by concentrating on sculpture for domestic settings that expertly combined naturalism with elegance, Vonnoh negotiated a male-dominated field to create a pathway to professional success and made high-quality sculpture accessible to a wider audience. In an essay that examines Vonnoh’s relationship with her foundries and scrutinizes bronze castings, Janis Conner demystifies baffling issues of authenticity and quality in turn-of-the-century bronzes. This copiously illustrated book, indispensable for all sculpture enthusiasts, accompanies the first exhibition since 1930 dedicated to the art of Bessie Potter Vonnoh.
Published by Ohio University Press on 08/17/2019
Book details: 287 pages.

The Last Checkout

GRAND PRIZE WINNER 2018 WRITER'S DIGEST SELF-PUBLISHED EBOOK AWARDS RUNNER-UP 2018 DEL SOL PRESS PRIZE FOR FIRST NOVEL If there ever was a bad time to fall in love, dangling by the neck from a rope tied to a chandelier would be it, but love just doesn’t care... By the year 2031, global warming cooks the planet, endless wars sweep the globe and pollution tries to finish everybody off. Science has declared re-incarnation a fact and legally sanctioned death houses have sprouted up like mushrooms in overcrowded cities. Those so-called ‘Last Resorts’ provide the paying guest with the tools and the know-how for a successful exit from life—with one simple rule: once checked in, the check-out is feet-first only. Nobody leaves a ‘Last Resort’ alive. Ansel Grayson has been a resident at the ‘Hotel Terminus’ for over twelve years, unable to take the last step. On the day he finally works up the nerve to check out and hang himself, he is interrupted by Nikki Forlan, the most recent addition to the guest list. Ansel and Nikki, broken by life, find themselves drawn into each other’s orbit, and with their final check-outs looming, they try to discover a reason to live, certain they will have to die.
Author: Peter Besson
Published by Peter Besson Inc. on 11/19/2017
Book details: 222 pages.


This volume derived from original presentations given at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, under the auspices of the Center for Child Well-Being. Scholars, practitioners, public health professionals, and principals in the child development community convened to address a science-based framework for elements of well-being and how the elements might be developed across the life course. Integrating physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains, Well-Being is the first scientific book to consider well-being holistically. Focusing on a set of core strengths grouped within these three domains, the book also includes a fourth section on developmental strengths through adulthood that broadly examines a continuum of health and development, as well as transitions in well-being. This volume takes a developmental perspective across the life course, describing foundational strengths for well-being--the capacities that can be actively developed, supported, or learned. These foundational strengths--problem solving, emotional regulation, and physical safety--are the positive underpinnings of early child health and development, as well as ongoing well-being across the life course. Working together and blending their respective disciplinary perspectives and expertise, 53 experts in psychology, sociology, child development, and medicine have contributed to the book.
Published by Psychology Press on 02/26/2003
Book details: 624 pages.

Astronomy Methods

Astronomy Methods is an introduction to basic practical tools, methods and phenomena that underlie quantitative astronomy. Taking a technical approach, the author covers a rich diversity of topics across all branches of astronomy, from radio to gamma-ray wavelengths. Clear, systematic presentations of the topics are accompanied by diagrams and problem sets. Written for undergraduates and graduate students, this book contains a wealth of information that is required for the practice and study of quantitative and analytical astronomy and astrophysics.
Author: Hale Bradt
Published by Cambridge University Press on 08/17/2019
Book details: 433 pages.

When Evil Came to Good Hart

A new look into an old story—the cold-case file of the murders of a wealthy Detroit-area family in their northern Michigan cabin in 1968
Author: Mardi Link
Published by University of Michigan Press on 06/25/2008
Book details: 175 pages.
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