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Theory Building in Educational Research
A comprehensive exploration of the issues surrounding of concept generation and theory building in educational research, drawing on international research.

Augustinian Educational Theory
Augustinian thoughts have been widely revered for their great influence on the development of Western philosophy. While most of St. Augustines ideas were adopted in various fields of modern thought, his ideas on education have been rarely discusse

New Directions in Educational Leadership Theory
Educational leadership has a rich history of epistemological debate. From the 'Theory Movement'of the 1950-1960s, through to Greenfield's critique of logical empiricism in the 1970s, the emergence of Bates' and Foster's Critical Theory of educatio

Western Psychological and Educational Theory in Diverse Contexts
This book examines aspects of Western psychological and educational theory in relation to educational practice around the world, and considers the extent to which current understandings are truly applicable to a range of diverse settings. In so do

Studies in the History of Educational Theory Vol 1 (RLE Edu H)
This book examines key theorists in depth in order to give some insight into cultural change as reflected in their curricular recommendations and in the interplay they reveal between the two fundamental educational concepts of 'artifice' and 'natu

Montessori, Dewey, and Capitalism: Educational Theory for a Free Market in Education
This book presents a philosophy of education-the theory of concentrated attention and independent judgment-that requires laissez-faire capitalism for its full realization. It is not an argument, except indirectly, for the separation of education a

Twenty-Five Years of Educational Practice and Theory 1955-1979
In 1979 the International Rel'iel1' of Education celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. This book which now reproduces the two Jubilee issues of that Review has been published for a number of reasons. One is the importance of the topics dealt wi

Educational Theories and Practices from the Majority World
This work provides a healthy, comprehensive counterpoint to the ethnocentrism engrained in the widespread belief that scientific knowledge about education is typically Western. Stressing that the Western 'minority' perspective cannot hold true for

The Brain and Educational Connections
The Brain and Educational Connections is based on current studies from neuroscientists and research in the field of psychology and education. This book also presents sound educational theories and practices as they relate to important res

Ethical Foundations for Educational Administration
This collection of essays opens up the philosophical foundations of ethical educational administration by reviewing the writings of Christopher Hodgkinson and exploring the ethical theories of major philosophers as they apply to administration and leadership. The first section comprises biographical essays and a critical evaluation of Professor Hodgkinson's work, focusing on his contributions to a moral theory of educational administration and leadership. The second section looks at his moral philosophy as it informs administrative practice.

The Marathon Called Educational Leadership
In The Marathon Called Educational Leadership: The Twenty-Six Commandments of Success, author and veteran educator Dr. Joe Sinclair describes his lifelong experiences, which ranged from cleaning out sewage ditches to meeting in the Oval O

Educational Leadership for the 21St Century
Public education, once considered a dogmatic institution in the 20th century, now finds itself challenged at almost every level in todays sociopolitical environment. New realities, as evidenced by the political complexities of the global village,

Reconceptualizing Study in Educational Discourse and Practice
Addressing studying as a distinct educational concept and phenomenon in its own right, the essays in this volume consider study and studying from a range of perspectives. Countering dominant educational discourses, which place a heavy emp

Educational Achievement and Psychosocial Transition in Visually Impaired Adolescents
This book provides a fresh approach to studies on adolescents with visual impairment. It threads through the three elements of disability (visual impairment), psychosocial development of adolescents, and their educational achievement. It highlight

Authentic Educational Leadership in Schools
This text seeks to re-establish the place and the importance of a valuesbased, philosophically-underpinned, national educational provision, through which reason and integrity, intellect and morality, caring and sharing, are more highly valued as e

Educational Dimensions of School Lunch
School lunch is often regarded as a necessary but inconvenient distraction from the real work of education. Lunch, in this view, is about providing students the nourishment they need in order to attend to academic content and the tests that assess

Special Educational Needs and Disability
The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Course is designed to arm its students with a comprehensive knowledge that will enable them to utilises a variety of teaching methods and practices to suit the different preferred learning styles

Neo-liberal Educational Reforms
This volume gathers a cast of eminent scholars for a critical and comparitive analysis of how neoliberal education policies have functioned in a range of countries in different stages of economic development. Treating case studies from Europe, Asi

The Educational Philosophy of Elijah Muhammad
This work is the first to examine the educational philosophy of Elijah Muhammad, the patriarch of the Nation of Islam and a pivotal leader in America's history. This timely book outlines Elijah Muhammad's educational ideas in relation to critical

Conducting Behavioral Consultation in Educational and Treatment Settings
Conducting Behavioral Consultation in Educational and Treatment Settings is a practitioner's guide to implementing consultation with multidisciplinary care-providers for children and adults who have learning and behavioral challenges. The
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