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Naturalist Fiction

In Naturalist Fiction, the first major study of naturalist fiction as a distinct literary genre, Professor Baguley focuses mainly on French naturalist literature, analysing a number of key works in detail, as well as drawing on examples from other national traditions, particularly from the English novel.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 02/23/1990
Book details: 287 pages.


Tinnitus: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides a broadaccount of tinnitus and hyperacusis, detailing the latest researchand developments in clinical management, incorporating insightsfrom audiology, otology, psychology, psychiatry and auditoryneuroscience. It promotes a collaborative approach to treatmentthat will benefit patients and clinicians alike. The 2nd edition has been thoroughly updated and revised in linewith the very latest developments in the field. The book contains40% new material including two brand new chapters onneurophysiological models of tinnitus and emerging treatments; andthe addition of a glossary as well as appendices detailingtreatment protocols for use in an audiology and psychology contextrespectively.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 12/06/2012
Book details: 328 pages.

Emile Zola: L'Assommoir

L'Assommoir is analysed as a social and political novel and in the context of its repercussions in the history of the novel.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 08/28/1992
Book details: 116 pages.

Napoleon III and His Regime

Published by LSU Press on 07/21/2019
Book details: 425 pages.


Published by Plural Publishing on 04/01/2008
Book details: 110 pages.


Tinnitus: Clinical and Research Perspectives summarizes contemporary findings from basic and clinical research regarding tinnitus mechanisms, effects, and interventions. The text features a collection of international authors, active researchers, and clinicians who provide an expansive scope of material that ensures relevance for patients and professionals. Reviews and reports of contemporary research findings underscore the text's value for classroom use in audiology and otolaryngology programs. Patients and students of audiology will benefit from the text's coverage of tinnitus mechanisms, emerging practice considerations, and expectations for outcomes--for example, recent successes of cognitive behavioral therapy, neuromodulation, and hearing aid use. These and other topics, such as the effects of noise and drugs on tinnitus, are reported in a way that enhances clinicians' ability to weave such strategies into their own work. The influence of tinnitus on all aspects of life is explored, from art to medicine and communication to isolation, thereby providing clinicians and patients a deeper understanding of and greater facility managing a tinnitus experience. Finally, this text includes case studies that provide a practical view of tinnitus effects and management approaches. The editors hope that the consideration of mechanisms, interventions, and outcomes resonates with patients, clinicians, and students of audiology. Chapters such as Tinnitus in Literature, Film, and Music make clear the ubiquity of the tinnitus experience and reinforce for patients that while tinnitus may be isolating, it is a shared experience. Other chapters, such as Musical Hallucination, andAcoustic Shock, address problems experienced by patients who experience not only tinnitus, but unusual auditory system behaviors that may be confused with tinnitus, or that can exacerbate a patient’s emotional response to tinnitus. Chapters covering conditions that complicate tinnitus management provide clinical findings that support intervention strategies. Subtypes of tinnitus that require medical attention are reviewed in order to clarify sources of the sounds, as well as the appropriate referrals that should follow the identification of such sensations.
Published by Plural Publishing on 11/20/2015
Book details: 364 pages.

A Critical Bibliography of French Literature

Published by Syracuse University Press on 02/01/1994
Book details: 1488 pages.

Ballantyne's Deafness

This book is well established as the classic reference for professionals requiring up to date information on hearing and deafness. It is designed to serve as an introduction and as an inspiration to those entering the field to develop their expertise and insight. This Seventh Edition of Ballantyne’s Deafness has been substantially revised and updated to reflect significant developments in the field. In addition, brand new chapters and/or sections have been added on auditory processing, pharmacology, balance, hearing therapy and functional imaging.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 07/06/2009
Book details: 312 pages.


With a penetrating eye and a deep and spiritual intelligence, Betty Adcock writes poems that range from elegy to dark humor as they confront both loss and possibility. Intervale, selections from her first four books plus a new collection, traces the continuity of her vision and shows that lyric intensity can bring light to even the most obdurate darkness. Moving from the original loss of a world at her mother's death during the poet's sixth year to the world's loss of the arboreal leopards of Cambodia and Vietnam; from vanishing farmland to the endangered Sacred Harp music that once flourished in backwoods churches; from the difficult history of a little-known rural place to the weighted ruins of Greece -- these poems frame lessenings, divestations, and devastations in the midst of plenty. A wilderness disappears into cozy myth, farming into industry, tiger and elephant into zoos; the very ground underfoot, with its attendant necessities and contingencies, can seem to fade into fabrications we take for reality. The seam where such themes touch Adcock's personal history is the path these poems travel toward a harsh but luminous transcendence.
Author: Betty Adcock
Published by LSU Press on 01/01/2001
Book details: 181 pages.


The thirteen essays in this volume, based on selected papers given at the Second Annual Conference of the Society of Dix-Neuviemistes (2003), explore the relationships between symbolic, monetary and literary currencies in nineteenth-century France. Essays focus on the sometimes surprising treatment of capitalism and commodity culture in the works of Mallarme, Zola and Huysmans; the transfer and borrowing of economic and literary commodities, names, and concepts in nineteenth-century culture, from Flora Tristan's July Monarchy to Schwob's fin-de-siecle moment; and the interplay between wealth and identity, and commerce and globalisation, in the writings of Hugo, Janin, and Balzac. While it is widely acknowledged that the theme of money is central to nineteenth-century literature, this volume is innovative in tracing the variation, breadth and ubiquity of the idea of currencies in the cultural imaginary of the epoch."
Published by Peter Lang on 07/21/2019
Book details: 211 pages.
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