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Risk Criticism
Risk Criticism is a study of literary and cultural responses to global environmental risk in an age of unfolding ecological catastrophe. In 2015, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reset its iconic Doomsday Clock to three minutes to mi

Art Criticism
James has no idea what he's going to do with his art history degree, but for the moment he's managing as a lowly gallery assistant. until he has to deal with an aggravating photographer. Turkish is a lot like his photographs: vapid, popular, and

Musical Criticisms
The Editors desire to express their thanks to the Proprietors of the Manchester Guardian for their permission to reprint the articles contained in this volume.

Hidden Criticism?
Paul has been regarded as being uncritical of the Roman Empire for a long time, not least because of his apparent call to obey the state in Romans 13:1-7. However, recent scholarship has questioned this assumption by pointing to "hidden criticism" in the letters of the apostle. But how can we decide, in a methodologically sound way, whether such a counter-imperial message lies beneath the surface of the text? On the basis of insights from the philosophy of science, Christoph Heilig suggests several analytical steps for examining this paradigm. He concludes that the hypothesis that we can identify critical "echoes" of the Roman Empire in Paul's letters needs to be modified if it is to be maintained. In particular, the hypothesis of Paul's concern that any overt criticism would be dangerous and lead to subsequent persecution of himself or his congregations is dubious and does not sufficiently justify this interpretative approach. Nevertheless, Heilig concludes that the search for a counter-imperial subtext in Paul could turn out to be heuristically fruitful, so long as the limitations of the approach are heeded. Hence, a reevaluation of Pauline passages in light of Paul's engagement with ideas from his Roman environment is encouraged.

Elements of Criticism (Vol 2)
Elements of Criticism is Kames's most influential work. When it first appeared, in 1762, it was the most comprehensive philosophical work on "criticism" in English, and it was published in five editions during Kames's lifetime and another forty ed

A Future for Criticism
A Future for Criticism considers why fiction gives so much pleasure, and the neglect of this issue in contemporary criticism. Offers a brief, lively, and accessible account of a new direction for critical practice, from one

An Essay on Criticism
An Essay on Criticism is an epic poem that was written in 1709. The poem is noted for its use of heroic couplets and for referencing ancient writers such as Homer, Virgil, Horace, and Aristotle. A table of contents is included.

Criticism after Critique
Presenting different ways to imagine criticism without critique, this collection provides a survey of both the difficult times facing ideological critique and the ways in which literary criticism and aesthetics have been affected by changing attit

Better Living Through Criticism
Few could explain, let alone seek out, a career in criticism. Yet what A.O. Scott shows in Better Living Through Criticism is that we are, in fact, all critics: because critical thinking informs almost every aspect of artistic creation, of civil a

Elements of Criticism (Complete)
A MAN while awake is sensible of a continued train of objects passing in his mind. It requires no activity on his part to carry on the train: nor has he power to vary it by calling up an object at will. At the same time we learn from daily experie

New Formalist Criticism
New Formalist Criticism defines and theorizes a mode of formalist criticism that is theoretically compatible with current thinking about literature and theory. New formalism anticipates a move in literary studies back towards the text and, in so d

Video Game Narrative and Criticism
With impunity, millions of players traverse the fictional landscapes of video games every day. Video Game Narrative and Criticism treats gameplay as the player's own psychological experience where fears, desires, and anxieties are projected onto the game's fictional world. By exploring the structural peculiarities of storytelling in video games, the book develops a critical paradigm that explains the meaning of gameplay as self-discovery. The player-response criticism considers the nature of game fiction by centralizing the player in the analysis. This interpretative model is not a rigorous analytical toolbox. Rather, it responds flexibly to the essential fluidity, temporality, and openness of a player's own experience in an intelligent fictional world.

Electronic Media Criticism
Electronic Media Criticism introduces readers to a variety of critical approaches to audio and video discourse on radio, television and the Internet. The book applies key aesthetic, sociological, philosophical, psychological, structural a

Feminist Art Criticism
From the Preface:"The essays in Feminist Art Criticism are theoretical, and we selected them for several reasons. First, they show a diversity of concerns. These include spirituality, sexuality, the representation of women in art, the necessa

An Introduction to Criticism
An accessible and thorough introduction to literary theory and contemporary critical practice, this book is an essential resource for beginning students of literary criticism. Covers traditional approaches such as formalism and struct

Literary Criticism
Since the global turn to neoliberalism in the 1970s, movements in literary studies have been diagnostic rather than interventionist: scholars have developed techniques for analyzing culture but have retreated from attempts to transform it. For Jos

Social Criticism
Stephen Leacock, long celebrated as Canada's foremost humorist and social satirist, has received little recognition for his considerable accomplishments as a serious thinker and social critic. In fact, Leacock was a professor of political economy,

The Rise of Historical Criticism
Oscar Wilde was a prominent Irish playwright and novelist in the late 19th century. With classics such as The Importance of Being Earnest and The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde remains one of the most widely read authors today. This edition of Th

Alterity and Criticism
How does the theme of the other-as person, experience or alternative conceptual scheme-allow us to reassess the role of the self in literary texts? This book employs phenomenology and semiotics to argue that modern literature is strongly concerne

An Essay on Criticism
An Essay on Criticism is one of the first major poems written by the English writer Alexander Pope (1688-1744). It is the source of the famous quotations "To err is human, to forgive divine," "A little learning is a dang'rous thing &
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