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Counting Chimneys
Dottie Perks has forged a new life for herself in London, a new job and loving boyfriend. She's safe, happy and loved. What more could she ask for? But when Dottie visits her home in Brighton, the last person she expects to see is her first love;

Counting with Animals
It's time to learn to count with animals! The fantastic Brenda Markwell voices the stories of 'One Little Squirrel', 'Two Little Dickie Birds', 'Three Little Kittens', and so on, all the way to 'Ten Galloping Horses'. The children will be counting

Counting Peas
Before Max and Ruby were preschoolers, they were Baby Max and Ruby. The popular bunny siblings are back in another board books as their baby selves. In Counting Peas, an ill-timed sneeze sends Max's peas in all directions. Max help

Counting Bears
"Five bears on the stair. Six bears in the chair. Bears, bears, everywhere. But where's my bear?" Read along and count the bears from 1-10 with this fun Early Reader that uses repetitive text and bright illustrations! This Level 1 Early

Counting Kitties
Emerging young readers can count their way up from numbers 1-10, while rhyming their way through situations that our beloved furry family members could get themselves into throughout the day!

Play with Counting!
This Book Takes Students Through The Concepts Of Addition And Subtraction Using Simple, Understandable Text And Engaging Photographs To Help Reinforce The Concept.

Counting Christmas
Join in the fun and count down to a magical Christmas! Get into the holiday spirit and count all of the Christmas joy with this bedtime book from Karen Katz.

Counting Steps
A journey through landscape and fatherhood. Mark Charlton's debut collection of creative nonfiction captures one man's astonished journey into fatherhood. As well as the author's own experiences as a parent, the stories also emerge out of strong c

Counting Sheep
Norwegian Wood meets The Tao of Pooh in this philosophical, witty, and heartwarming collection of daily observations from a Swedish academic-turned-sheep farmer who finds peace and meaning outside the hus

Counting the Bodies
Mary, on her voyage to Australia in 1842, solves a complex murder on board ship. She does this with support from her best friend Younee who just happens to be a fl eet footed gremlin who communicates with Mary, telepathically. Their son Stanley, a

Counting Teeth
With his nineteen-year-old daughter, a collection of maps and the help of an opinionated GPS, Peter Midgley sets out across Namibia. Visiting smalltown museums and gravesites, crossing border checkpoints and changing tires, they travel the length and breadth of the country uncovering every facet of it. Stories about Portuguese explorers and the first genocide of the twentieth century collect on the back seat of their car alongside the author's earliest childhood memories of growing up in the country. By the end of the journey, the stories piece together into an understanding of Namibia's present and make it possible for Midgley to share his love for this complicated, vibrant place with his daughter.

Counting the Continents
Young Readers Learn About The Different Continents Through Simple Text And Photos.

Counting Thyme
Newbery-winning Rules meets Counting by 7s in this affecting story of a girl's devotion to her brother and what it means to be homeWhen eleven-year-old Thyme Owens' little brother, Val, is accepted into a

Counting the Days
Counting the Days is a cop story and a love story that took place in the era when corruption in the NYC police department was rampant, and the Knapp Commission was dominating headlines. Matthew Smith, a decorated cop, had been handed $3000 after a

Pizza Counting
These pizzas have all the right ingredients. Pepperoni, cheese, and onions make a purr-fect pizza cat. Is it time for a clock pizza made of sausages and peppers? Count the toppings on these pizza masterpieces, then divide them up into filling fractions. Zesty pizza facts add to the flavorful fun.

Counting Descent
Black Harvard Doctorate in Poetics launches poetry that explores modern blackness. Clint Smith's debut poetry collection, Counting Descent, is a coming of age story that seeks to complicate our conception of lineag

Counting on a Win
Content-based Read-it! Readers are perfect for the independent reader or to read aloud. Engaging plots and fun characters will show kids how math skills are important in everyday life.

Counting on Christmas
Glenn Hills is the most festive town in all of California. The annual Christmas Cup decorating competition involves just about everyone in town, young and old, to create the immaculate Christmas light displays that can be found on just about any s

Counting Down
When Deborah Gold and her husband signed up to foster parent in their rural mountain community, they did not foresee that it would lead to a roller-coaster fifteen years of involvement with a traumatized yet resilient birth family. They fell in lo

Counting by: Tens
Uses Repetition, Simple Sentences And Supporting Images To Familiarize The Beginning Reader With The Number Ten.
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