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Two Colours
A nearly century-old mother narrates her life story to her son. This was a life of struggle and tragedy for many Ukrainian people in the twentieth century. In 1917, the revolution, a plague with red commissars, descended upon Ukraine and her peopl

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy has been used as part of medical practice for centuries and is of great significance in the holistic approach of complementary health practice. The Colour Therapy Diploma Course gives students a thorough understandi

Colour Workshop
Popular author Cassandra Eason introduces listeners to the world of color and how it can change and influence our lives. Colour Workshop features exercises and guided meditations, with music by Aetherium, and teaches color healing, how to bring ab

Building on the achievements of Goethe in his Theory of Colour, Steiner shows how colour affects us in many areas of life, our health, our sense of well-being, our feelings. Distinguishing between 'image' and 'lustre' colours, he lays the foundati

Yorkshire In Colour
A collection of 450 colour photographs taken at 24 interesting locations around the beautiful county of Yorkshire.

True Colours
Falling in love for the first time to someone as supercilious as Patrick, Abby is doomed from the beginning. But there are silver linings to all her clouds and with many special people in her life this mid-twenties interior designer is destined fo

Colours and Conspiracies
Wherever he goes, colours chase him and hound him. They dog him to no end. He is a committed chromophobe, a victim of a strange condition called chronic malachromia. His aversion to colours and the deep hatred he nurses for them is not a new pheno

True Colours
The Royal Navy is immobilised by mutiny, and the only thing that's standing in the way of an invasion is a commander who is communicating with a fleet that isn't there. While Great Britain's major home fleets are immobilised by a vicious mutiny, A

Every Colour of You
What happens when someone who lives every day to the full meets someone who can only see reasons to stop living?We had a story - short, but not a simple one. I couldn't sta

My True Colours
Lauren and her twin sister, Lorna, are born into a loving family. A sudden turn of events in Laurens childhood leaves her with a dark secret, taking their lives on different paths. Laurens shame leads her into the arms of a nasty bully, and teenag

Colour Reflexology
The Colour Reflexology Audiobook explores the use of colour light vibrations to enhance the benefits of reflexology treatments. Discover the theories, methodologies and techniques of the practice and how to start and run a business as a Colour Ref

True Colours
Shivani always knew that the day would come where her parents would choose her husband for her. What she didnt expect was to fall in love with Marley; a young black West African single parent. This brought Shivani to a painful crossroad where both

Shades of Colour
Shade of Colour tells a story of love, prejudice, and unfulfilled promises. It is set in contemporary urban and rural South Africa. Dave grows up in an orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa. He meets Jackie, his future wife, while in high school

Forever the Colours
Dead? Dreaming? Mad?When Tommy Evans regains consciousness after being injured on the battlefield of modern-day Afghanistan, the world around him is not the same. Filled with cannon smoke, gunfire and the whinnying of horses, Tommy inexpli

Colour Scheme
Even down in New Zealand, war-fueled spy fever is running wild. Near the decaying sulphur springs of Colonel and Mrs. Claire, the strange lights and signals being sent to foreign ships at sea indicate that there's a spy in their midst. Soon an eve

True Colours
This is a book full of lighthearted and humorous stories and poems. True Colours need not only be read by or read to a child but it would encourage the child to draw their own pictures, make scrapbooks, act, dance, and sing, using my stories and p

Animal Colours
The animals are having fun in this colour-themed rhyming picture book. and they're all on their way to a party! A new book in an exciting toddler range by Thomas Flintham, this innovative book comes with extended cover folds printed with amazing fl

Little Flower of Seven Colours
Детский спектакль "Цветик-Семицветик" создан по одноименной сказке русского советского писатель Валентина Петровича Катаева.Девочке Жене достаётся волшебный цветок. Семь его лепестков - это семь желаний, которые она может исполнить. Дево

Nature'S Colour Healing
Natures Colour Healing outlines the many ways that various colours and colour combinations can help you in your daily lifephysically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are attracted from a very deep inner level to the colours you need. This book h

Water Colour
Featuring wild and warming tales from a life spent in the natural world, Water Colour is the literary equivalent of a fishing trip with great friends. Sixteen years after the much-loved Frog Call, fly fisher and storyteller Greg French has produce
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