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The Classical Economists
The classical economists pioneered a new way of thinking about the uniquely human tendency to produce, trade, consume, and accumulate. Adam Smith (1723-1790) explained how the division of labor expands productive power and argued for freedom in ec

The Ultimate Classical Poetry Collection
A comprehensive collection of poetry featuring the greats.

A Classical Primer
Didn't take Classics at school? Or maybe you've forgotten most of what you once knew? To save you looking it up, Classics is the study of the culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and takes in all aspects of their life and learning - from the

Classical Destinations
When you board a ship you enter the exciting world of ship board life, whether it be on a tramp steamer, cargo boat or ocean liner. The mystique and magic of far-flung ports appeal to all world travelers. This book is a combination of reports abou

Classical Field Theory
Scheck's successful textbook presents a comprehensive treatment, ideally suited for a one-semester course. The textbook describes Maxwell's equations first in their integral, directly testable form, then moves on to their local formulation. The fi

Classical Considerations
Life's foundational questions come elegantly to the fore in this skillfully crafted nonfiction eBook. It tells of the late John H. Finley, Jr. For 51 years Finley was the celebrated and erudite Eliot Professor of the Classics at Harvard.

The Classical Reciter
I will never forget the responses from my children when I announced that they would have to start memorizing poetry."Poetry!" spat the boy."Memorize?" quavered the girl. and each wore a look reminiscent of one who is chewing

Classical Music
"Classical Music" is a compilation of poems which Jen wrote while listening to some of her favorite classical and classical-inspired music.

The Classical Revolution
"Rich in discussion-worthy arguments … an important contribution to musical aesthetics." - Die Tonkunst"An excellent and expansive view of where we now are in the larger world of contemporary art music." ― A

Thai Classical Singing
Thai classical singing is a genre that blossomed during the golden age of music in the royal court at Bangkok during the nineteenth century. It took a variety of forms including unaccompanied songs used for narration in plays, instrumental music t

Classical Music Insights
If you enjoy great music but want to know more about how it came to be the way it is - without investing time in a graduate degree - here are the background stories of over 200 great compositions. If you're only just coming to experiment with grea

Classical Music 101
From the author of the bestselling Opera 101 comes a comprehensive and highly accessible guide to discovering the glories of classical music, based on the fundamental principle of developing the skills to truly listen. In clear and entertaining pr

A Classical Education
A Classical Education was first published in 1985. It followed immediately after Still Life and is again autobiographical though of a somewhat more macabre hue. At the centre is a murder committed by a school friend of Richard Cobb's

Classical Destinations
When you board a ship you enter the exciting world of ship board life, whether it be on a tramp steamer, cargo boat or ocean liner. The mystique and magic of far-flung ports appeal to all world travelers. This book is a combination of reports about legendary people who have taken ships to reach their destinations, and reports about the legendary people who were the reason to sail to these destinations. A ship can take you to Le Havre, and from there a car to George Sand's house or Genoa to visit Lake Lago and Puccini's house, the voyages being just the beginning.

Classical Art
How did the statues of ancient Greece wind up dictating art history in the West? How did the material culture of the Greeks and Romans come to be seen as "classical" and as "art"? What does "classical art" mean across

The Classical Debt
"Greek debt" means one thing to the country's creditors. But for millions who prize culture over capital, it means the symbolic debt we owe Greece for democracy, philosophy, mathematics, and fine art. Johanna Hanink shows that our idealized image

Women Classical Scholars
Women Classical Scholars: Unsealing the Fountain from the Renaissance to Jacqueline de Romilly is the first written history of the pioneering women born between the Renaissance and 1913 who played significant roles in the history of classical scho

Coldplay for Classical Piano
(Piano Solo Personality). Phillip Keveren takes on Coldplay with these 14 arrangements in classical piano style. Songs include: Amsterdam * Atlas * Christmas Lights * Clocks * Everything's Not Lost * Fix You * In My Place * Magic * Paradise * A Sk

The Classical Theory of Fields
Translated from the 6th Russian edition, this latest edition contains seven new sections with chapters on General Relativity, Gravitational Waves and Relativistic Cosmology, where Professor Lifshitz's interests lay. The text of the 3rd English edi

Warfare in the Classical World
This authoritative volume traces the evolution of the art of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds between 1600BC and AD 800, from the rise of Mycenaean civilisation to the fall of Ravenna and the eventual decline of the Roman Empire. The book is
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