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Journal of the Civil War Era
The Journal of the Civil War EraVolume 4, Number 3, September 2014TABLE OF CONTENTSEditor's Note, William BlairArticlesFelicity TurnerRights and the Ambiguities of Law: Infanticide in the Nineteenth-Centu

Reminiscences of the Civil War
Reminiscences of the Civil War are the narratives of John W. Stevens, who fought in John Bell Hood's brigade. Stevens fought at Antietam and was captured at Gettysburg.

Personal Recollections of the Civil War
To the memory of the soldiers of the 21st Regiment, and to their loyal descendants, living or dead, this volume is affectionately dedicated by

Cavalry Raids of the Civil War
Covers raids from J.E.B. Stuart's 1862 ride around McClellan's army to James Wilson's crashing raids in Alabama and Georgia in 1865.

CIVIL WAR STORIES The Red Badge of Courage: An Episode of the American Civil War An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Rebel Spurs A Son of the Gods A Horseman in the Sky The Strange Story of Harper's Ferry

Civil War Ghosts at Fort Delaware
Ghosts at the Civil War island prison at Fort Delaware State Park.

The Civil War Months
The Civil War obliterated Americas past, along with many of the founders visions of what America should be. Replacing those visions was the America that we have today. Any true understanding of America, both past and present, must include a specif

A More Civil War
During the Civil War, Americans confronted profound moral problems about how to fight in the conflict. In this innovative book, D.H. Dilbeck reveals how the Union sought to wage a just war against the Confederacy. He shows that northerners fought

Life in Civil War America
The Civil War is a fascinating time period in American history. Life in Civil War America will provide readers with fast facts and statistics about the 1860s from military life to civilian life in both the North and South. Topics covered will incl

The Handy Civil War Answer Book
Battles, Blood, Honor, and HeroismThe nation's highest-casualty, bloodiest war is still discussed, studied, and acted out. It continues to affect the political boundaries of today. From the economic, political, and social forces b

Extreme Civil War
During the American Civil War the western Trans-Mississippi frontier was host to harsh environmental conditions, irregular warfare, and intense racial tensions that created extraordinarily difficult conditions for both combatants and civilians. Ma

Civil War Kids 150
The Civil War lasted four years, cost 600,000 lives, and happened under our very feet. Today, 150 years after it began, the Civil War is still a topic of extreme interest for history buffs and school children alike. In fact, few historical events

Civil War Logistics
During the Civil War, neither the Union nor the Confederate army could have operated without effective transportation systems. Moving men, supplies, and equipment required coordination on a massive scale, and Earl J. Hess's Civil War Logistics

Civil War Comes Home
Highly Recommended by Dr. J. Hindman, School of Education, College of William & MaryWhat was it like living in a small sleepy Southern town when the war suddenly arrived on the doorstep 150 years ago? Th ese are the stories of resident

The Civil War Battlefield Guide
This new edition of the definitive guide to Civil War battlefields is really a completely new book. While the first edition covered 60 major battlefields, from Fort Sumter to Appomattox, the second covers all of the 384 designated as the "pri

Civil War Experiences
On the day Fort Sumter surrendered I was seventeen years old, having been born April 14, 1844. Like other boys, I proposed enlisting, but my father refused consent; and at that time youths under eighteen years would not be accepted without the con

Civil War Battlefields
Here, for the first time, is a book that goes beyond providing just a brief battle history for each of the Civil War parks. Civil War Battlefields presents a detailed, clear narrative describing exactly what visitors can see and do in twe

Railroads in the Civil War
By the time of the Civil War, the railroads had advanced to allow the movement of large numbers of troops even though railways had not yet matured into a truly integrated transportation system. Gaps between lines, incompatible track gauges, and ot

Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia
This comprehensive reference will be invaluable to anyone requiring accurate data on the Civil War period. Indispensable for identifying, describing, and understanding the use of more than 800 items, the text is arranged alphabetically by topic, w

Newburyport and the Civil War
The smoke of cannon fire and the sound of rifles were not seen or heard in Newburyport, Massachusetts during the Civil War yet it was an all too familiar experience for many of its inhabitants. Local author William Hallett describes in thrilling deta
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