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Finding Your Vocation
Given that modern work schedules demand the most and the most of the best of our time and our lives, our best chance of happiness is in choosing the occupation that satisfies all our wants from life. This occupation is called your vocation - your cal

The Instrument of Your Happiness
Down a list of eighteen theses, this short book reveals happiness. Its meaning, and its purpose. What is happiness and why do we strive toward it. It is only in this generation that we now understand happiness, the meaning of life. Be renewed in t

The Dance of the Magic Paint Brush
The magical virtue of this simple concept is to imbue you with the faculty of improvising dance as freely as you do language. Its freedom and its fecundity in improvising new dance of unlimited complexity ranks it a one of the master concepts of danc

Why Study Art?
I present three powerful arguments for the study and the practice of art: pleasurable, practical and poltical. Three powerful arguments that each correspond to each of the three motive-types, and, together, to the general audience, and a mass market

Looking is an Art
Learn the artistic eye. Learn to teach the practice of the artistic eye, the practice of continuously renewed interest and pleasure in your everyday visual experience.

The Powerful Man Realizes in all Things the Hero's Narrative
This is the first in a series of twenty supplements to Stalin II that will receive a separate, secret circulation. If Stalin II contains the concept, or the theory of social power, the series of special supplements to Stalin II contains the act, or t