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Finnish Yearbook of International Law, 1999
Despite its Finnish innitiative and pedigrees, the "Finnish Yearbook of International Law" does not restrict itself to purely 'Finnish' topics. On the contrary, it reflects the many connections in law between the national and the international. The" Finnish Yearbook of International Law" annually publishes articles of high quality dealing with all aspects of international law, including international law aspects of European law, with close attention to developments that affect Finland. Its offering include: longer articles of a theoretical nature, exploring new avenues and approaches; shorter polemics; commentaries on current international law developments; book reviews; and documentation of relevance to Finland's foreign relations not easily available elsewhere. The "Finnish Yearbook" offers a fertile ground for the expression of and reflection on the connections between Finnish law and international law as a whole and insight into the richness of this interaction.
Published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers on 04/01/2002
Book details: 496 pages.

Somersetshire delineated, by C. and J. Greenwood
Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 496 pages.

International Law Reports
International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of courts and arbitrators, as well as judgements of national courts.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 08/20/1982
Book details: 714 pages.

The Changing Face of Conflict and the Efficacy of International Humanitarian Law
Since World War II.
Published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers on 09/30/1999
Book details: 225 pages.

International Law Reports, Consolidated Table of Treaties
This new consolidated table of treaties 1-160 covers in a single consolidation all treaties referred to in volumes 1-160 of the International Law Reports by date, treaty title and article number. It also indicates where early treaties and non-multilateral treaties may be found. Since the Reports began in 1922, over 10,000 cases have been reported in full or digest form.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 07/20/2017
Book details: 225 pages.

Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 2001
The "Israel Yearbook on Human Rights" - an annual published under the auspices of the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University since 1971 - is devoted to publishing studies by distinguished scholars in Israel and other countries on human rights in peace and war, with particular emphasis on problems relevant to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The "Yearbook" also incorporates documentary materials relating to Israel and the Administered Areas which are not otherwise available in English (including summaries of judicial decisions, compilations of legislative enactments, and military proclamations). "Volume 31" contains, amongst others, articles on the Laws of War after Kosovo, Humanitarian Assistance in Non-International Armed Conflict, and a cumulative index to volumes 21-30.
Published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers on 07/01/2002
Book details: 364 pages.

A Farewell to Fragmentation
Explores the role of the International Court of Justice in the re-convergence of international law. The book contends that the court's jurisprudence is transforming traditional concepts such as sovereignty, rights and jurisdiction and in so doing is leading a trend towards the reunification of international law.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 07/07/2015
Book details: 524 pages.

Issues of State Responsibility Before International Judicial Institutions
The book contains papers presented at a conference which cover issues of State Responsibility before various international judicial institutions.
Published by Hart Publishing on 08/20/2019
Book details: 236 pages.

The Environmental Consequences of War
Interdisciplinary analysis of the implications of wartime damage to the natural environment and public health.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 10/26/2000
Book details: 691 pages.

A New International Legal Order
This book deals with a new international legal order in the use of force, self-determination, environmental law in practice, the new law-making role of international organizations, international economic law, air and space law, as well as humanitarian law.
Published by BRILL on 10/10/2016
Book details: 350 pages.
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