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New Environmentalism
This book explains the role of New Zealand’s environmental agencies and regulatory legislation, taking in the impact of international agreements and treaties. It traces the fortunes of sustainable policy approaches and analyzes the activities of the public agencies charged with managing the environment. Moving on to a detailed thematic status report on New Zealand’s environment, it examines rural, freshwater, coastal, oceanic, atmospheric and urban zones. Finally, chapters detail public perceptions and normative environmental values as well as the depth of business commitment to environmental responsibility. An ideal introduction to the topic for a diverse range of scholars, the book eschews any specific theoretical framework in charting the recent evolution, current operation and future trajectory of environmentalism in New Zealand. It backs strategic advice with both social and ecological data, and raises questions over the country’s reputation for greenness at the same time as recognizing its numerous achievements. With neat summaries of key issues at the end of each chapter, expansive guidance on further reading, and a multitude of examples ideal for classroom debate, this volume gives us an informed, objective, and wide-ranging appraisal on a topic of increasing centrality in the policy debate.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 05/15/2012
Book details: 303 pages.

Biometeorology for Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change
Biometeorology continues to grow as a discipline. It is increasingly recognised for its importance in providing science of relevance to society and well being of the environment. This book is the first in a new book series on Biometeorology. The purpose of the new series is to communicate the interdisciplinary philosophy and science of biometeorology to as wide an audience as possible, introduce scientists and policy makers to the societal relevance of and recent developments in its s- fields and demonstrate how a biometeorological approach can provide insights to the understanding and possible solution of cross-cutting environmental issues. One such cross-cutting environmental issue is climate change. While the literature on the science of climate change, climate change mitigation and the impacts of climate change is voluminous, that on adaptation to climate change is meagre in comparison. The purpose of this book is to partly redress this imbalance by providing insights from a biometeorological perspective. The book acknowledges that society has a long history of adapting to the impacts associated with climatic variability and change but makes the point that climate change poses a real threat to already strained coping systems. Therefore there is a need to realign human use systems with changing climate conditions.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/17/2008
Book details: 281 pages.

Tourism and Global Environmental Change
This fascinating book is the first comprehensive analysis of the economic, social and political interrelationships between tourism and global environmental change: one of the most significant issues facing humankind today. Its contributors argue that the impacts of these changes are potentially extremely serious both for the tourism industry, and for the communities dependent upon it. Integrating knowledge from the social and physical sciences, this significant book explores they key issues surrounding global environmental change, as well as government and industry willingness to meet the challenges posed by it. Divided into four main sections, it investigates: the tourism and global environmental change relationship in specific environments global issues related to environmental change differing perceptions of global environmental change held by tourists and the tourist industry. Comprehensive in scope, topical and integrative, this key text is essential reading for students, scholars and researchers in all aspects of tourism, geography and environmental studies.
Published by Routledge on 06/07/2006
Book details: 330 pages.

Erie Directory (Erie County, Pa.).
Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 330 pages.

Published on 07/23/1897
Book details: 330 pages.

E-Learning Reader
Examines the key debates that have shaped that technological journey, from ancient to modern times.
Published by A&C Black on 06/07/2012
Book details: 368 pages.

Boyd's Directory of the District of Columbia for ...
Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 368 pages.

Dynamic Planet
IAG Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 22-26 August, 2005
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 01/15/2008
Book details: 909 pages.

IAG 150 Years
This proceedings contains a selection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the IAG Scientific Assembly, Postdam, Germany, 1-6 September, 2013. The scientific sessions were focussed on the definition, implementation and scientific applications of reference frames; gravity field determination and applications; the observation and assessment of earth hazards. It presents a collection of the contributions on the applications of earth rotations dynamics, on observation systems and services as well as on imaging and positioning techniques and its applications.
Published by Springer on 08/08/2016
Book details: 798 pages.

Natural Hazards in Australasia
A textbook designed for students taking a course in Natural Hazards with an Australasian focus and context. Full colour and richly supported by photographs, illustrations and maps.
Author: James Goff
Published by Cambridge University Press on 07/29/2016
Book details: 350 pages.
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