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The Year Book of the Child Federation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Published on 07/21/2019

A New Framework of Special Education in the Russian Federation
Published by Garant on 07/21/2019
Book details: 242 pages.

Child Care Policy at the Crossroads
As women have become increasingly integrated into the waged labor force around the world, the idea of childcare has found its way onto the political agenda in every country in the developed world. Experimentation with different social safety-nets is at the heart of contemporary debates, as are innovative mixes of public and private provisions. Whether childcare is seen as part of society's educational policy, welfare policy, or employment policy affects not only its form and content but also its public image. The US and Canada are reforming welfare and instituting workfare, but Sweden has recently experimented with promoting private services to reduce the size of its public sector and offer citizens more "choice." The Netherlands, Germany and other members of the EU are focusing on sharing work between women and men by increasing leisure and "family time." The contributors use current polices for the care of infants and preschool children to analyze debates and track the emergence of new state welfare practices across a variety of social and political configurations-and offer some conclusions about which methods work the best.
Published by Psychology Press on 07/21/2019
Book details: 352 pages.

Every Child a Lion
One of Aesop's fables tells of the fox who taunted the lion about having so few children. "Yes," the lion replies, "but every child is a lion." This dispute is particularly appropriate to Alisa Klaus's comparative account of the early history of maternal and child welfare programs in the United States and France over a thirty-year period. Her central concerns include the ways in which pronatalism in France and fears of "race suicide" in the United States shaped public and professional intervention in reproduction, and the influence of women's organizations on social policy in two different institutional and political settings.
Author: Alisa Klaus
Published by Cornell University Press on 07/21/1993
Book details: 304 pages.

OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies: Russian Federation 2011
This report finds that the Russian labour market remains characterised by significant structural imbalances resulting in widespread segmentation and large earnings inequalities and makes recommendations for improving the situation.
Author: OECD
Published by OECD Publishing on 12/12/2011
Book details: 196 pages.

Food Security in the Russian Federation
The Russian Federation experienced a fall in GDP per capita of nearly 50 per cent during the 1990s, and following the sudden fall in value of the rouble in 1998, international concerns grew over to the rising level of food insecurity and poverty in the country. This report has been produced as part of a FAO technical assistance project, and examines the state of food security in the Russian Federation and the prospects for addressing these challenges in the future. Issues discussed include: the changes in agricultural production during the 1990s, the main indicators of food availability and access to food by the population, public nutrition and diet, and the outlook for improvements in the future.
Published by Food & Agriculture Org. on 07/21/2019
Book details: 114 pages.

The Global Context for New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development
Take an in depth look at the field of child and adolescent development. In this issue, the new leadership of this series offers different aspects of relevant work throughout multiple disciplines and continents, capturing both the variability and the richness of the themes considered and topics investigated in the field of childhood and adolescence. It answers: What are some of the “new” directions in the developmental sciences of childhood and adolescence? Where will the field be within the next decade or so? How do those who practice in the field’s different corners see its trajectory? This is the 147th volume in this Jossey-Bass series New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development. Its mission is to provide scientific and scholarly presentations on cutting edge issues and concepts in this subject area. Each volume focuses on a specific new direction or research topic and is edited by experts from that field.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 02/27/2015
Book details: 152 pages.

Understanding the Social Economy
In this resource the authors integrate a wide array of organizations founded upon a social mission - social enterprises, nonprofits, co-operatives, credit unions, and community development associations - under the rubric of the 'social economy.' This framework facilitates a comprehensive study of Canada's social sector, an area often neglected in the business curricula despite the important role that these organizations play in Canada's economy. This resource presents a unique set of case studies as wellas chapters on organizational design and governance, social finance and social accounting, and accountability. The examples provide much needed context for students and allow for an original and in-depth examination of the relationships between Canada's social infrastructure and the public and private sectors. With this work, Quarter, Mook, and Armstrong illuminate a neglected facet of business studies to further our understanding of the Canadian economy.
Published by University of Toronto Press on 07/21/2019
Book details: 387 pages.

Published by
Book details: 387 pages.

Parents and Schools
Who holds ultimate authority for the education of America's children—teachers or parents? Although the relationship between home and school has changed dramatically over the decades, William Cutler's fascinating history argues that it has always been a political one, and his book uncovers for the first time how and why the balance of power has shifted over time. Starting with parental dominance in the mid-nineteenth century, Cutler chronicles how schools' growing bureaucratization and professionalization allowed educators to gain increasing control over the schooling and lives of the children they taught. Central to his story is the role of parent-teacher associations, which helped transform an adversarial relationship into a collaborative one. Yet parents have also been controlled by educators through PTAs, leading to the perception that they are "company unions." Cutler shows how in the 1920s and 1930s schools expanded their responsibility for children's well-being outside the classroom. These efforts sowed the seeds for later conflict as schools came to be held accountable for solving society's problems. Finally, he brings the reader into recent decades, in which a breakdown of trust, racial tension, and "parents' rights" have taken the story full circle, with parents and schools once again at odds. Cutler's book is an invaluable guide to understanding how parent-teacher cooperation, which is essential for our children's educational success, might be achieved.
Published by University of Chicago Press on 05/01/2015
Book details: 298 pages.
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