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Looking After Larry
A lot of what you read about soldiers and war is either untrue, derogatory, exaggerated, or boring—take your pick. This book is different from typical military fiction because of the irreverent slant that I have used as your author. I feature bad commissioned officers from West Point and good noncommissioned enlisted men and the struggles that they face whenever they are trying to communicate. My primary protagonist is Sergeant James Homer Hounshell of Jackson, Kentucky, my maternal uncle. My secondary protagonist is Larry Wetzlen (PA) who was injured by a friendly fire and a victim of battle fatigue. Jimmy becomes his nurse for the duration and the storyline is looking after Larry. The antagonist is Second Lieutenant Oscar Karo from Georgia, a man who goes out of his way to make pain for James Homer. Their feud started during basic training and continued until 1945. I'll take you through the major campaigns of WWII, his mysterious death just two days before the final conflict at Magdeburg, his burial at Margraten, and his love affairs. How the mystery of his murder is solved is a very unusual and interesting part. I hope that you enjoy my book.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Trafford Publishing on 07/01/2012
Book details: 300 pages.

Lodging for University of Kentucky students in the 1950’s was extremely difficult to find. And, the only alternative for some of them was to sleep inside of their cars. After a few nights of maximized discomfort, I chose to be a renter of one bed, a table, a table lamp and a sitting chair at Bea’s Rooming House at a reasonable rate of 7-dollars per week. In certain respects, it was the best decision of my life. But, in some other respects, maybe I should have stayed in the car.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 11/07/2014
Book details: 294 pages.

The Sumner Matter
For this occurrence, my book describes an evil Sheriff named Baxter Reynolds who was over-sexed and a ruthless serial killer. Reynolds actually exist-ed in ancient Perry County KY and this book details what happened to him because he chose a life of hideous crimes. The fact that Reynolds killed Haig’s adopted Father served to initiate the hunt for his capture and his punishment. But, that was a no-win situa-tion for the killer because Nicolas Haig and Carlos Espinosa are so relentless. Enjoy my book because I sure worked hard in presenting it to you, the Reader.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 09/13/2014
Book details: 188 pages.

The Javelin Murders
This book is a work of fiction that describes mans inhumanity toward man after WWII and until very recently in 2013. Members of the master race did not want Negro blood in the veins of German children who were offspring of the trysts between Negro soldiers and German prostitutes. The soldiers are looking for good sex and a stable home environment while the women were looking for a provider and a weekend lover. All couples are deeply infatuated with each other. The storyline is a sequel to The Freedom Murders with the same cast of General Sarma Goldbond, Carlos Espinosa, and Nicolas Haig. All antagonists are active members of the Associated Speerwerthers Society of Bonn and Berlin, Germany. The general theme is for Nicolas and his team to discover perpetrators that do not want to be found or brought to justice. They start their search knowing nothing, but through due diligence, they work their way through the fog and maze to find success at the end of the day. And the punishment that is applied is of the order that was approved by all the associated authorities, judicial, administrative, and otherwise. At the end of the day, just fairness is applied and the protagonists move on to Berlin where a similar den of inequity is known to exist.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Trafford Publishing on 04/24/2013
Book details: 162 pages.

This book is about the tug of war games between Russia and the USA over some critical toxins that are being produced for deadly chemical warfare. The story includes the pawns that discover or produce new poisons that the world does not need or really want. But, like everything else, when push comes to shove, they have to make toxins because we also make poisons. That fierce competition between the two Nations is what can lead to war or utter chaos. This book doesn’t deal with war itself but it is involved with the pre-war part which could initiate World War III, quite easily. Our three heroes, Nicolas Haig, Carlos Espinosa and General Sarma Goldbond are back to travel the World and to save its inhabitants. They are hired to rescue the one man who knows all the secrets about Ricin and Abrin. This man was kidnapped by Russian agents and is being held against his will in Siberia at Lake Baikal.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 01/17/2014
Book details: 122 pages.

The Percheron Horse
Published on 08/19/1868
Book details: 100 pages.

Remarkable Women
This book is a chronological characterization about my remarkable women from my grandmother and mother to my final girlfriend, Betty. One widower taught me patience and helped me to survive the Great Depression. Another nice lady trained me about caretaking. A third one educated me on the importance of a loving first kiss and what young love was all about. A fourth one showed me the meaning of an artful dance and how lovely a dance could be. A fifth one demonstrated to me the power and pleasantries of intercourse. A sixth one stole my heart and led me happily to my marriage. A seventh one edified me about how monetary wealth can interfere with a new relationship. An eighth one tutored me on pain and how to ignore it during a meaningful assignation. This book offers a little something for every reader, either male or female.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 10/25/2014
Book details: 122 pages.

Mainers on the Titanic
Meticulously researched, this book reveals the agonizing day-to-day wait of Mainers for news of what really happened on the Titanic, and tells the stories of Maine passengers from their boarding to the sinking and rescue; and, for those who survived, of their coming ashore in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's a fascinating addition to the Titanic story.
Author: Mac Smith
Published by Down East Books on 06/15/2014
Book details: 200 pages.

Kentucky has more miles of running water than any of the lower forty-eight contiguous states. With all of that water, there is a lot of fog that is created to seriously limit the visibility, but to strongly affect the imagination. With clearing skies, light winds, and moist ground, strange sights are often seen and regularly reported. These stories have been told time after time in Eastern Kentucky, so I have wrapped them into a single book for my readers to enjoy. The stories are riding on a fictional vehicle called PESO, which stands for Phenomenological Event Study Offices. This fictional organization has the assignment of studying ghosts and capturing their images on special infrared cameras. PESO's final report goes to a fictional governor for the State of Kentucky who wants to manipulate those unsuspecting spirits by building new state parks around their haunting sights. That's where the trouble begins.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Trafford Publishing on 06/01/2012
Book details: 268 pages.

This book is a work of historical military fiction that describes the impact of ski troopers and their Mules on accelerating the end of World War II in Italy. That Great War was winding down in Europe but, in the Apennine Mountains of Italy, large quantities of Italian and Nazi soldiers were still well-entrenched. They were some of the best troops that either Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler could place in action against any Yankee advance. Each of them were very capable of doing considerable harm to a typical infantry division which had not been trained to fight under these harsh environmental conditions of thick snow banks, extremely low temperatures, severe freezing winds and rigorous ecological demands. This is to say that a typical infantry division and their artillery would have been seriously stalled by the deep snow drifts. As one advisor said, “For the entrenched enemies, it would have been like shooting ducks in a pond.” Fortunately, the US Army listened to the sage advice of their various consultants. The US Army formed their own Ski Trooper outfit to rid the mountain tops from their unwanted occupants, the soldiers of Italy and Germany. That outfit was named the Tenth Mountain Division but, as time passed on, the newsreels began to call them by a better name, they were known as “Ruffner’s Raiders.” Brigadier General David L. Ruffner was the Commanding General of the Tenth Mountain Division Artillery. Although The Tenth Division entered the combat zones rather late in the day, they still had one of the highest casualty rates for that War of all Wars. For the Mules that were involved, their loss of life was 94% since they provided such an easy target for the Snipers to kill.
Author: Charles Hays
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 06/23/2014
Book details: 236 pages.
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