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Career Planning & Development
If you are starting a new career or trying to grow your existing career, then Career Building & Development is the perfect book for you. Most people involved in building their career have the wrong idea of the entire proce

Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning
With input from teens, parents, and numerous experts, Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning knows just how to talk to high school students about the important decisions involving life after graduation. This easy-to-read guide, wit

Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning 11th Edition
Peterson's Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning: Your High School Roadmap to College & Career Success is the must-have eBook for middle school and high school students as they prepare for life after graduation. Whether you're heading to a four-year college, a community or two-year college, the military, or the workforce, Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning offers expert advice and tools to help you succeed. Chapters include The Big Jump to High School, The First Steps to a Career, Planning Your Education While in High School, Tackling the Tests (ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and TOEFL), The College Search, Applying to College, Financial Aid Dollars and Sense, Other Options After High School, The Military Option, Jump into Work, Survival Skills, and more. Throughout the book, you'll find real-life advice from students, guidance counselors, parents, and college admissions counselors; helpful checklists and worksheets to help keep you organized; essential information to help you decide if the military is right for you; expert financial aid advice and information on scholarships, grants, athletic awards, loans, work-study, and more. Fun graphics along with the informative, easy-to-read chapters make this the perfect guide for the teen on the go.

Career Planning for High School Students
In this book, high school students will be able to learn the foundation of biblical career planning. The Bible teaches that if you meet the following four prerequisites, Gods career gift will be given to you supernaturally. Make sure you learn the

Career Planning Made Easy
These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book: Managing An Unexpected Career ChangePrepare Ahead Of TimeResources For Career ChangesMaking Your Dreams Come TrueLife's PracticalitiesNetworking

A Comprehensive Overview On Career Planning
Career planning begins with choosing your field of study, then on to getting a job, moving up in the career ladder and, for some, a career change (or even perhaps several career changes). It is a lifelong process that ends only at the moment of r

Best Tips for Career Planning: A Helpful Guide for Newbies
Learn how to overcome your personal mindset and reach for another that excites you. This implies learning what motivates you and what you enjoy. There's ample evidence that most folks have more than three careers in a single lifetime. They can be

The Lost Art of Planning: How to Enhance Your Career by Becoming Absolutely Essential to Any Employer
This book is about Planning, your ability to achieve the optimum balance of needs or demands with available resources by identifying objectives, formulating strategies to achieve them, arranges or creates the means required, and implements, direct

Career Training and Personal Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Practical Resource for Schools
This training program assesses ASD students' strengths, abilities, fears and challenges and helps them acquire the skills necessary for a smooth transition from school to employment. It is packed with lesson plans, implementation procedures, interactive activities and photocopiable worksheets, and the course can be taught over one or three years.

Как заработать в AppStore
В этой книге издательства AB Publishing мы детально расскажем Вам, как грамотно создавать и продавать приложения в AppStore, чтобы получить прибыль, обратим внимание на многие важные моменты, нюансы, а также поведаем о маленьких хитростях, мифах и

The Best Book On Event Planning Careers
The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics predicts that event planning employment will grow faster than the average career - 16% between 2008-2018. With 56,950 jobs held by event planners in 2010, it's an exciting time to get into the industry.

Compassionate Careers
Many young people today are seeking something more-purpose, meaning, a cause. Compassionate Careers is filled with examples of people who have meaningful jobs in cause-focused organizations. These stories capture their spirit, intelligence, imagin

Career Leap
Adapt you career to the shifting paradigm of work, employment and successThe word "career" doesn't mean what it used to. People entering the workforce today will have an estimated 17 employers and five careers in their lif

Careers with Animals
A wide-ranging guide to jobs that involve animals. Provides current information on salaries, educational requirements, and job outlook, along with job information resources. Includes in-depth profiles of individuals who work with animals every day.

Career Bites
Career Bites

Career Quizzes
Helps readers look inside themselves for career exploration; examine their needs and values, interests and skills, personality and preferences; and make better choices

Successful Career Skills
As a person just like you who has struggled with getting my career underway, I have searched high and low to find the best strategies to fix this problem and I am fully qualified and equipped to help you put an end to your frust

Careers In Marketing
Ideal for college-bound students or anyone thinking about making a career change Careers in Marketing offers all the information career seekers need to explore and choose a profession and then narrow it down to a job that suits them. The book provides an overview of marketing, outlines job options, and shows how to plan and prepare for a career.

The Career Catapult
We live in an evolving economic environment, one in which job security and career certainty are distant memories. The old rules for navigating the turbulent waters of employment just don't apply anymore. In the face of these ongoing changes, it's

The Career Catapult
We live in an evolving economic environment, one in which job security and career certainty are distant memories. The old rules for navigating the turbulent waters of employment just don't apply anymore. In the face of these ongoing changes, it's eas
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