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"First, I'll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then the murders, which happened later."So begins Canada, the unforgettable story of a boy attempting to find grace, written by the only writer in hi

Morton, one of Canadas most respected historians has given us a short celebration of Canada with a depth of insight that truly helps us to know one another and all the regions of the country.

This coffee table book for adults and children is a wonderful collection of high-quality images produced by a series of professional photographers. Please note that this book contains no text, information or facts only an unique selection of mediu

Corvettes Canada
Corvettes Canada

Maximum Canada
To face the future, Canada needs more Canadians. But why and how many? Canada's population has always grown slowly, when it has grown at all. That wasn't by accident. For centuries before Confederation and a century

An Excursion to Canada
An Excursion to Canada is a remarkable work by Thoreau, so different from his other works as he becomes an American traveler who shows far greater respect for America than Canada, while pointing out much of the chasm between Church (Black) and Sol

Oh! Canada
In celebration of Canada's 150th and my family and me, 30th, I have decided to relaunch this collection of anecdotes (some hilarious), reflections and fictional short stories which writing helped me recover from brain surgery i

Comedy superstar Mike Myers writes from the (true patriot) heart about his 53-year relationship with his beloved Canada. Mike Myers is a world-renowned actor, director and writer, and the man behind some of the most memorable comic characters of o

Canada's Daughter
On May17, 2006, Captain Nichola Goddard was killed in a firefight in Afghanistan. She was the first Canadian officer to be killed in Afghanistan. She was the first Canadian artillery officer to call fire down since the Korean War. She was also the

Canada Always
In celebration of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's 175th birthday - November 20th, 2016 is "Sir Wilfrid Laurier Day" - this is the first time his most important and iconic speeches will be published in book form, annotated and with essays

Canada Labour Code
In this Act, "federal work, undertaking or business" means any work, undertaking or business that is within the legislative authority of Parliament, including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing.

Inventing Atlantic Canada
When Newfoundland entered the Canadian Confederation in 1949, it was hoped it would promote greater unity between the Maritime provinces, as Term 29 of the Newfoundland Act explicitly linked the region's economic and political fortunes. On the sur

Canada's Colonies
Furs, gold, whales, oil-the reason for going north has always been to empty the treasure house. The northern territories are vast and sparsely populated, so southern Canadians have been content to consider the North a colony, not a true part of C

Imagining Canada
Sophisticated and well-curated, this photographic tour through Canada's history documents the nation's evolution over more than a century, as seen through the lens of photographers from The New York Times. The book compiles more than 100

With Wolfe in Canada
Bring history back to life through Jim Hodges' historically accurate, exciting, and edifying audio recordings. Shortly before the United States Revolutionary war against England, most inhabitants were her loyal subjects. France had control of much

A Newfoundlander in Canada
Following the fantastic success of his bestselling memoir, Where I Belong, Great Big Sea front man Alan Doyle returns with a hilarious, heartwarming account of leaving Newfoundland and discovering Canada for the first time.

Canada a Nation in Motion is a bold look at issues facing Canada today from the perspective of a Canadian who truly understands the issues. In his special blend of analysis, humor and wit, Samy Appadurai offers up an intelligent discussion of issu

Mémère au Canada
Il y a quelques mois, Maman a gagné un voyage au Canada. Et bien évidemment, elle a décidé que Mémère allait venir avec nous. C'est comme ça que, quelques semaines plus tard, nous nous sommes tous les quatre envolés vers ce merveilleux pays.<

Canada Died?
I was one of the people who used those Canadian slugs as currency for years before I realized one day that they weren't American nickels. They look and feel like American nickels, but then I read the inscription on one of them: "Canada, 1867

Commemorating Canada
Commemorating Canada is a concise narrative overview of the development of history and commemoration in Canada, designed for use in courses on public history, historical memory, heritage preservation, and related areas. Examining w
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