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Camping Activity Book for Families
Winner of the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Award in the Children's Interactive category! Camping Activity Book for Familiesoffers up a wide variety of activities, games, crafts, songs, and goodold-fashi

The BIG Ginormous Book of Camping Jokes and Riddles
The BIG Ginormous Book of Camping Jokes and Riddles is a compilation of hilarious jokes and riddles related to camping and hiking. This book is great for individuals and groups looking for some great laughs while also enjoying comical pic

The Boys' Guide to Outdoor Activities - Including Hints on Camping and the Boy Scouts
This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience.

A group of campers gather around a blazing fire. They toast marshmallows and breathe in the fresh outdoor air. Campers know that a successful camping trip takes skill and the right equipment. Get the inside information on tents, campsites, fire bu

Camping for Kids
As you roast a marshmallow, the sunset paints the sky in beautiful shades of red. Countless breathtaking encounters with nature are just waiting to be found. Are you ready for a trip into the great outdoors? Now is your chance to learn what you ne

Would You Like To Have An Outdoor Adventure? Read All About Camping To Get Ready For Your Next Adventure! High Interest Informational Text To Support Rigor And Text Complexity.

Camping is So Much Fun!
Let's head out to camping! What a fun way to camp out! Almost every summer, scouts are gathered for fun and challenging activities in the camp. Every activity is worth engaging into as they are fun and challenging to do. They play y

The Jumbalees in the Camping Expedition
The Jumbalees set off for a night's camping in the forest but Fred has to stay behind and finish his homework. On their walk through the forest Elvis entertains them with poems. They set up camp, but just as it was getting dark and they were about

An up-close look at why so many people enjoy camping and the types of equipment needed for a fun and safe trip.

In a world gone high-tech, it may seem a hard sell to convince young readers to unplug their devices and step out into the great outdoors. But this tip-packed, colorful guide to camping will do just that! This isn't your typical camping book. Within, readers will find ways to use the technology they love to research, prepare for, and even reserve their camping excursions. Consideration is given to safety while camping and the importance of being eco-friendly. This concise guide is the perfect start for any young reader interested in packing up and heading out.

Let's Go Camping
Camping can be so much fun! But what if you find yourself in a tent in the middle of a field with no shower and no toilet? Join the family adventure to see what exciting things await them at their "home away from home".

Games for Scouts - Games Teaching Tests: Indoor and Camp Fire Games, Outdoor and Camp Games
Games for Scouts' is a collection of various indoor and outdoor camp-fire games designed specially for the Boy Scouts. Many of the games actively test Scout knowledge, for example how to tie knots, Scout law, first aid, etc. This timeless volume i

Tom fait du camping
Tom et toute sa famille découvrent les joies du camping à la ferme. Il faut monter la tente, préparer un feu… et quand vient le soir, glissés dans leur sac de couchage, ils écoutent le chant de la nature et observent les étoiles…

Busting Boredom in the Great Outdoors
Feeling outdoorsy? Get ready to bust boredom with nature and the world outside! Learn how to whip up sidewalk chalk spray paint, go on a photo safari, build giant lawn games, and much more. With clear instructions and helpful photos, busting bored

Mein Outdoor-Erlebnisbuch
Für das perfekte Abenteuer im Freien! Bist du bereit für spannende Outdoor-Erlebnisse? Möchtest du die Natur erforschen und aufregende Dinge entdecken und erleben? Dann nichts wie raus aus dem Haus - starte deine Expedition ins Grüne! Dieses Outdoor

Backyard Ideas For Fun And Frolic
What You Will Find In This eBook: Backyard Activities for the Home Improvement LoverGardening: A Fun and Creative Backyard ProjectMust Have Accessories For Your Next Gardening ProjectMust Have Accessories For All Backy

Indian Scout Craft and Lore
The life of the Indian boy - living close to nature, learning the ways of the wild animals, playing games and learning stories that developed the strength of body and spirit - has long been noted for its ability to develop character. In this book Charles Eastman ("Ohiyesa"), a full-blooded Sioux Indian raised as a young warrior in the 1870's and 80's, describes that life - the lessons he learned, games he played, and feelings about life that he developed as he worked to become a young Indian scout. Among the many areas of craft and lore described are the physical training of young boys, making friends with the wild animals, learning the language of footprints, hunting with slingshot and bow and arrow, trapping and fishing, making canoes, setting up camp, building wigwams and other shelters, making fire without matches and cooking without pots, blazing a trail, using Indian signals, gesture language and picture-writing, reading the signs of nature and storytelling, as well as information on winter and summer sports of the Indian boys, names and ceremonies of Indian boys and Indian girls, and the etiquette of the wigwam. Throughout, not only the practices but the reasons and feelings behind them are described. Twenty seven illustrations show many of the crafts and signs described. Scouts and others who enjoy camping and learning the lessons of outdoor life will find in this book not only new ideas but a feeling of life as it was lived by young Indian boys and girls nearly a century ago. In learning the lessons described in this book you will make new discoveries - about nature, about outdoor life, and about yourself.

Indian Scout Craft and Lore
The life of the Indian boy - living close to nature, learning the ways of the wild animals, playing games and learning stories that developed the strength of body and spirit - has long been noted for its ability to develop character. In this book

Davis and Pop Go Hiking
Inspired by the love of nature, Davis and Pop Go Hiking is a book that explores God's beautiful world and some of the creatures He has created. Davis is a young boy that loves his grandfather, Pop. Pop takes Davis on a hiking adventure th

Adventuring in the Outdoors, The
Outdoor activities! While camping the Timbertoes, look at the stars. Pa, Tommy, and Mabel go fishing. The family sees a meteor shower. Tommy goes to find a pumpkin for Ma. Stories by Rich Wallace and Marileta Robinson.
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