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Evolutionary Biology, Part 1
With Evolutionary Psychology I and II, Allen D. MacNeill of Cornell University led a thought-provoking series of lectures on why people do the things they do. In Evolutionary Biology I, MacNeill addresses a different side of the coin by examining

Biology of Birds
An esteemed professor of biology at Wheaton College, John Kricher leads a fascinating discussion of the approximately 10,000 species of birds that share our world. In these engaging lectures, Kricher expands on such topics as bird anatomy, the mec

Living and lifeless matter. I. The Chemical Composition 2. Metabolism or the Power of Waste and Repair. 1, 3. Growth by Intussusception 4. Reproduction 5. Power of Adaptation.

Dark Biology
Renowned vaccinologist "Hildi" Hildebrandt has set her sights on beating her brother to a Nobel Prize, and the opportunity to conduct experiments on the International Space Station might just provide the means to obtain that goal. Chet H

Biology, Second Edition
Designed to be compatible with virtually every standard textbook in their subject field, Barron's EZ-101 Study Keys give you a valuable overview of your college-level course. Classroom-style notes emphasize important facts, remind you what you nee

Biology Dog
BIOLOGY DOG examines the human urge and need for connection and the elaborate and complex ways-physical, emotional, spiritual-in which this need manifests itself. In these poems, poet Sir Rawl tackles, among other things, human biology, sex

Cognitive Biology
Providing a new conceptual scaffold for further research in biology and cognition, this book introduces the new field of Cognitive Biology: a systems biology approach showing that further progress in this field will depend on a deep recognition of

Biology Fundamentals
IntroBooks delivers up to the minute information covering everything on a topic in only one hour of reading. Our books are written to give essential information in a straight-to-the-point, easy to read format. We have cut out technical jargon, waf

Revolutionary Biology
There is a revolution underway in biology. It is based on a new perception of bodies and genes, in which the former are the end product of the latter within the continuum of evolution. Twenty fi ve years after Richard Dawkins helped revolutionize

Biology Terminology
Biological terminology can be complex and challenging. A terminology study guide puts a resource into the hands of the students, that helps master that challenge. The guide helps focus and bring to the forefront the information that is necessary w

Basic Biology
Life is Earth's most fascinating and incredible feature. It is what makes this planet so special. Yet, we take it for granted every day. From birds to bees, bacteria to humans, there is such a splendor of life that inhabits this spectacular planet

Biology Demystified
Say goodbye to dry presentations, grueling formulas, and abstract theory that would put Einstein to sleep-now there's an easier way to master chemistry, biology, trigonometry, and geometry. McGraw-Hill's Demystified Series teaches comple

CSEC Biology
CSEC© Biology Examination Practice is intended to enhance exam preparation by providing opportunities to complete exam type questions based on the most recent Biology syllabus. It covers a range of exam related skills and tips for both papers 1 & 2 and includes syllabus references and question profiles to direct you to the relevant objectives and topics on the syllabus. Key features include: What the examiners say to remind you of the challenges faced by previous candidates Frequently confused terms to increase your awareness of the need to use the jargon appropriately Revision tips which encourage you to devise and use strategies in a timely fashion so that you are not overwhelmed as the exam nears Annotations to guide student responses to the questions

The Biology of Alcoholism
The Biology of Alcoholism

Biology of Earthworms
Biology of Earthworms

Cell Biology And Genetics
Cell biology and Genetics is the science of heredity. It is studied at the level of whole organisms, the DNA itself (molecular genetics), or whole populations. Cell biology explains the structure, organization of the organelles they contain, their

Biology of Brain Dysfunction
The growth of neurochemistry, molecular biology, and biochemical genetics has led to a burgeoning of new information relevant to the pathogenesis of brain dysfunction. This explosion of exciting new information is crying out for collation and mean

Fathers of Biology
Charles McRae was an Oxford scholar who wrote a popular history of some of the world's most famous scientists. A table of contents is included.

Praxis Biology 0231, 0233, 0235
Teacher Certification Study guide in Biology for PRAXIS

Biology of Sex
Biology of Sex is a lively and intellectually challenging textbook. Mills analyzes the biological basis of sex by considering genetic, physiological, and evolutionary principles. In order to explain the biological aspects of human sex, he
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