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Research Methodology in the Medical and Biological Sciences
Providing easy-to-access information, this unique sourcebook covers the wide range of topics that a researcher must be familiar with in order to become a successful experimental scientist. Perfect for aspiring as well as practicing professionals in the medical and biological sciences it discusses a broad range of topics that are common, yet not traditionally considered part of formal curricula. The information presented also facilitates communication across conventional disciplinary boundaries, in line with the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of modern research projects. Perfect for students with various professional backgrounds providing a broad scientific perspectiveEasily accessible, concise material makes learning about diverse methods achievable in today's fast-paced world

Introduction to Biological Light Microscopy: Chapter 1 from Microscopic Image Analysis for Life Science Applications
Chapter 1 from Microscopic Image Analysis for Life Science Applications, Jens Rittscher, Raghu Machiraju, Stephen T.C. Wong, Editors

Excel 2010 for Biological and Life Sciences Statistics
This is the first book to show the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to teach biological and life sciences statistics effectively. It is a step-by-step exercise-driven guide for students and practitioners who need to master Excel to solve practical

Nature's Choice: What Science Reveals about the Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation
Nature's Choice: What Science Reveals About the Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation offers both a comprehensive review of findings from over twenty years of research on the factor of biology in the determination of sexual orientation and a fresh perspective on this complex and politically charged subject.

Bio-Synthetic Hybrid Materials and Bionanoparticles: A Biological Chemical Approach Towards Material Science
An overview of how biological structures can be used to produce new functional materials.

Molecular and Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Biological Effects, Geo and Planetary Sciences, New Resources, Dynamic Pressures, High Pressure Safety: Pro
High Pressure Science and Technology, Volume 2 contains the proceedings of the Association Internationale for Research and Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology's VIIth International Conference held in Le Creusot, France, from July 30 to August 3, 1979. The papers explore a wide range of topics relating to high pressure science and technology, including molecular and chemical physics; melting and dense fluids; liquid crystals; molecular thermophysical properties; light scattering; intermolecular spectroscopy; high-temperature, high-pressure fluids; and properties of earth materials. This volume is comprised of 128 chapters and begins by calculating equations of state for static molecular and metallic hydrogen using the density functional method. The following chapters discuss the effect of density on the induced near infrared absorption spectrum of solid molecular hydrogen at 4.2 K; vibrational relaxation in highly compressed hydrogen; the dual melting curves of carbon tetrachloride; and the statistical theory of polymorphic phase transitions and crystallization. Alkane chain conformation as a function of pressure is also examined, along with high pressure thermodynamics and phase equilibria of fluid mixtures. The remaining sections focus on the lithosphere, athenosphere, and the behavior of dense materials. This book will be a valuable resource for materials scientists, metallurgists, physicists, chemists, and mechanical engineers.

Toxicology Biological Monitoring of Metals in Humans
As one of many tasks of an analytical chemistry program sponsored by the office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances, Field Studies Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (EPA Prime Contract No. 68-02-3938), Midwest Research Institute (M

Judaism in Biological Perspective
Can there be rational examples of the compatibility between natural science and Judaism? This book offers a strikingly novel perspective on traditional and contemporary Judaic practices. For those with some Judaic knowledge, there are biological e

Biological and Medical Sensor Technologies
Biological and Medical Sensor Technologies presents contributions from top experts who explore the development and implementation of sensors for various applications used in medicine and biology. Edited by a pioneer in the area of

Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Biological Control
The editors of this book, who are world renown for their creativity with entomopathogenic nematodes, have assembled the foremost authorities from four continents to contribute on basic and applied concepts. The authors have taken advantage of this

Integrins - The Biological Problems
This book represents the most current, comprehensive, and authoritative study of integrins on the market today. It provides an overview of the diverse biological functions of integrins, including: The structure and functions of integrin cyt

Electrophysiological Methods in Biological Research
Electrophysiological Methods in Biological Research, Third Revised Edition describes the principles and applications of significant electrophysiological methods as regards to transistorisation of electrophysiological apparatus and to the mathematical analysis of electrophysiological data. The book explains the aspects of physics and electronics that are important in electrophysiology, such as the basic principles of semiconductor function, electronic simulators, electrodes, and the processing of electrophysiological data. The text also cites several examples that measure the resulting membrane potential if one electrode is inside the cell while the other is in contact with the cell's surface. Other experiments show the electrophysiological techniques and the fundamentals of electrical activity in the peripheral excitable structures, and its association with physiological functions. In considering the problems of nerve and muscle physiology, the investigator should know the technique of recording the electrical signs of a nerve impulse. These signs, or action potentials, indicate the presence of a nerve impulse. The text also discusses the effects of barbiturates or ether anesthesia in EEG activity, as well as its dissociation after physostigmine and atropine have been administered. The book can prove useful for pharmacologists, microchemists, cellular biologists, and research workers and technologists dealing with neural mechanisms.

Biological Remediation of Explosive Residues
Microbial degradation, Phytoremediation, Remediation, Explosive residues, Biotransformation, Mineralization, Degradative Enzymes, Degradation Pathways, Energetics, Soil contamination, Water contamination.

Biological Aspects of Social Problems
Biological Aspects of Social Problems

Prenatal Diagnosis: Cell Biological Approaches
Prenatal Diagnosis

Biological Principles: A Tutorial Study Guide
"Biological Principles" is a part of the college-level Principles of Biology course series textbooks. It is a tutorial written in questions and answers format to describe the principles of biological and natural sciences. <

Scientific and Technical Terms in Bioengineering and Biological Engineering
This immensely valuable book provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and up-to-date glossary of technical and scientific terms used in the fields of bioengineering and biotechnology, including terms used in agricultural sciences. The volume

Evaluation of Analytical Methods in Biological Systems: Part A
Evaluation of Analytical Methods in Biological Systems

Biological Revolution
This documented work reviews biotech and other scientific developments, highlights moral and ethical questions for science, law and society, and suggests avenues toward a practical response.

Biological System: A Tutorial Study Guide
"Biological System" is a part of the college-level Principles of Biology course series textbooks. It is a tutorial written in questions and answers format to describe the scientific basis of the organi
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