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Megatrends Asia
America's #1 trend forecaster reveals the global transformation that affects the future for us all! The most momentous global development of the 1990s.The #1 bestselling author of Megatrends and Megatrend

Cooking Classics Asia
Cooking Classics: Asia is a collection of 42 recipes that span the best of various Asian cuisines. Each dish represents the best of each country's cuisine, culture and influences, providing the reader with simple, concise information and background f

When Asia Was the World
While European intellectual, cultural, and commercial life stagnated during the early medieval period, Asia flourished as the wellspring of science, philosophy, and religion. Linked together by a web of religious, commercial, and intellectual conn

The Tortoise in Asia
Based on a popular legend in Gansu, the far western province of China, The Tortoise in Asia recounts the exploits of Marcus, a young Roman centurion schooled in the Greek classics who, after a devastating loss in a battle with the Parthians, is ta

Pacific Asia
Pacific Asia has witnessed arguably the most dynamic economic growth and social transformation in the world since 1945. Inspired by the example of Japan, a number of high performing economies have emerged in the region. Pacific Asia explo

Trinkspiele Asia Style
N h o! Das Buch "Trinkspiele Asia Style - Wie Asiaten sich die Kante geben" ist das erste Buch dieser Art in Deutschland. Wer einen asiatischen Party-Abend plant, einen Blick in die asiatische Trink(spiel)-Kultur werfen möchte oder einfach nur neugi

Asia's Cauldron
Over the last decade, the center of world power has been quietly shifting from Europe to Asia. With oil reserves of several billion barrels, an estimated nine hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and several centuries' worth of competing te

Asia's Reckoning
*A Financial Times Best Book of 2017"A shrewd and knowing book." -Robert D. Kaplan, The Wall Street Journal"A compelling and impressive read." -The Economist'skillfully crafted and well-argued."

Tigers: Hunters of Asia
Make way for the world's largest cats! Curious kids will learn all about these increasingly rare striped predators.

East Asia
Histories of East Asia traditionally emphasize China and Japan, and neglect Korea and Vietnam. Essentially, 20th century East Asia is re-written into the past, as though China and Japan was always the core of East Asian development. This is not at

China's Asia
This balanced and deeply informed book provides a comprehensive account of China's Asia policy since the Cold War. Lowell Dittmer traces the PRC's policy toward its Asian neighbors in the context of the country's move from a developing nation to a

Asia's Miracle Economies
An expanded and updated edition of Woronoff's 1986 study of Asia's emerging economic giants, this book looks back at what has happened in the intervening years, especially as regards the "discovery" of this phenomenon in the Western medi

Misunderstanding Asia
In this volume, experts on East Asia focus on each of the past five decades to explain the weak predictive power of traditional IR theory as applied to the region and uncover the true forces driving change.

Crucible in Asia
Dave Jackson, an agent of U.S. Intelligence, returns to the Far East for confrontations in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China - and encounters a familiar and clever adversary to peace in Asia. While fiction, the story is rooted in curre

Clamore in Asia
È possibile per una donna viaggiare da sola? Pare proprio di sì, per fortuna! Un lavoro troppo stretto, una routine quotidiana che mi logora dentro, una vita di cui non colgo più il senso, un'insoddisfazione profonda, la vog

New Asia
Jack Ryan Lonagan, Viet Nam War veteran, seethed over the majority liberal Congress voters who surrendered the United States of America to the Five Nations Pact. The ancient warrior knew the surrender would end life as he knew it in the U.S. He re

China's Asia
This balanced and deeply informed book provides a comprehensive account of China's Asia policy since the Cold War. Lowell Dittmer traces the PRC's policy toward its Asian neighbors in the context of the country's move from a developing nation to a great power, capable of playing a role in world politics commensurate with its remarkable economic rise. The author considers China's bilateral relations with Russia, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and Australia. Each of these relationships is also viewed in terms of China's rivalry with the United States, which has viewed China's rise with admiration tinged with a certain foreboding. Thus, Dittmer employs a triangular analysis to understand Beijing's attempt to expand in Asia while at the same time deterring Washington's interference. Reframing the international relations of Asia in a thought-provoking and informed manner, this important book presents a panoramic view of the dynamics at work on all sides of China.

The Eyes of Asia
Rudyard Kipling was a prolific British writer and poet. Kipling's children fiction, specifically The Jungle Books and Just So Stories, are some of the most famous in English literature. This edition of The Eyes of Asia includes a table of conten

The Downsizing of Asia
The Downsizing of Asia

The Historical Geography of Asia Minor.
The Historical Geography of Asia Minor.
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