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Saint James the Greater in History, Art and Culture
 Among the 12 disciples of Jesus, perhaps none has inspired more magnificent art-as well as political upheaval-than Saint James the Greater. Portrayed in the New Testament as part of Jesus' inner circle, he was the first apostle to be martyred. E

The History of Western Art
What is art? Why do we value images of saints, kings, goddesses, battles, landscapes or cities from eras of history utterly remote from ourselves? This history of art shows how painters, sculptors and architects have expressed the belief systems o

Rethinking Australia's Art History
This book aims to redefine Australia's earliest art history by chronicling for the first time the birth of the category "Aboriginal art," tracing the term's use through published literature in the late eighteenth, nineteenth and early tw

Art History: The Basics
This book introduces readers to Art History and its methodologies, and guides them through various theoretical concepts and ways of looking at images.

Monographic Exhibitions and the History of Art
This edited collection traces the impact of monographic exhibitions on the discipline of art history from the first examples in the late eighteenth century through the present. Roughly falling into three genres (retrospectives of living artists, r

Chantilly in History and Art
Chantilly in History and Art

History of Art
The stories in History of Art examine the definitive, yet paradoxical, preoccupations of humankind - namely art-making and war - and the emotions that underpin both: passion and sentimentality, obsession and delusion, ambition and insecurity, fe

Art History and Its Institutions
Art History and Its Institutions focuses on the institutional discourses that shaped and continue to shape the field from its foundations in the nineteenth century. From museums and universities to law courts, labour organizations and pho

The History and Practice of the Art of Photography
The History and Practice of the Art of Photography

Critical Analysis of Art History
Write a paragraph for each work. i) The Sea I ii) The Black Shawl iii) The Traveler

Western Art History Guide (Mobi History)
Art History GuideFEATURES:- Fully illustrated- Detailed explanations of each period. - Always have the guide available for a quick reference. - Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. - Search for the words or phras

Antwerp - A Travel Guide of Art and History
The Medieval and Baroque architecture, artwork and religious buildings of Antwerp are treasures to behold - rich in significance, beauty and depth. Tragically, many travel guides simply brush over the beautifully creative

Feminism And Art History
A long-needed corrective and alternative view of Western art history, these seventeen essays by respected scholars are arranged chronologically and cover every major period from the ancient Egyptian to the present. While several of the essays deal

Chianti. Art, history, traditions
Walking along small paths in the midst of the woodes in search of nature or of a few precious olive trees and vines, the noble parents of the "king of vines", discovering history in the medieval castles and walled villages or in the anci

Histories of Art and Design Education
This Collection of fourteen essays by eleven different authors demonstrates the increasing breadth of enquiry that has taken place in art and design education history over the past two decades, and the expanding range of research models applied to

A History of the Art of War in the Sixteenth Century
THE BEST ACCOUNT OF SIXTEENTH-CENTURY WARFARE BY THE AUTHOR OF A HISTORY OF THE PENINSULAR WARThis is an unrivalled account of sixteenth-century warfare, in which Sir Charles Oman traces the dramatic, far-reaching changes in the military s

A History of the Art of Magic
"Magic has often been erroneously considered as exclusively of Persian origin, which error the Athenian philosopher Plato appears to have originated. It is not possible to name any one country as the birthplace of magic. We must look to the

Feminism and Art History Now
Four decades of feminist art history have prompted a radical rethinking of the discipline. This volume asks how feminism's interventions and propositions are relevant to contemporary scholarship today. To what extent have developments in global po

A History of Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese martial arts have a long, meaningful history and deep cultural roots. They blend the physical components of combat with strategy, philosophy and tradition, distinguishing them from Western sports.A History of Chinese Martial Ar

Marxism and the History of Art
This book is the first comprehensive introduction to Marxist approaches to art history. Although the aesthetic was a crucial part of Marx and Engels's thought, they left no full statement on the arts. Although there is an abundant scholarship on M
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