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An Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, Volume 2
They alleged, that, before the coming of Christ, the world was blessed with peace and prosperity; but that, since the progress of his religion every where, the gods, filled with indignation to see their worship negleaed and their altars abandoned, had visited the earth with those plagues and desolations, which increased every day. This feeble objection was en tirely removed by Augustin, in his book (16 Civitate Dci a work exceedingly rich and ample irttupoint of matter, and filled with the most profound a diver sified erudition. It also drew a complete confutation from the learned pen of Orosius, who, in a history written expressly for that purpose, shewed, with the strongest evidence, that not only the same calamities now complained oil but also plagues of a much more dreadful kind, had af´Čéicted mankind before the Christian religion appeared in the world.

World History: A Collection of the Most Forgotten Historical Events (Forgotten History, Ancient History, History of the World, Human History, Alternate History, Modern History)
Unlock Breathtaking History's Secrets That Were Buried for Decades ★★★ Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindl

World History: A Collection of the Most Forgotten Historical Events (Forgotten History, Ancient History, History of the World, Human History, Alternate History, Modern History)
Unlock Breathtaking History's Secrets That Were Buried for Decades ★★★ Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. ★★★ The world we know now won't be what it is if not for the past. The past shaped the present and will shape the future. Most of these historical events will forever be engrained in the minds of humankind. World War II, the assassination of JFK, the 911 terrorist act, and the resulting War on Terror are just a few of such events many will remember as the ones that changed the course of history. But not all enjoy the notoriety of those mentioned. In this book, there are some important historical events that have been forgotten or remained obscure. Did you know that Genghis Khan had children? Genghis Khan, originally named Temujin, married Borte when he was sixteen though their marriage had been arranged since he was only nine years of age. Temujin and Borte had four children: Jochi, Chagatai, Ogedei, and Tolui. The death of Ogedei Khan greatly affected the course of history. If he lived a little longer, the Mongols could have pushed much further into Europe. Around the time of Ogedei's demise, Austria was already developing the basic concepts of modern banking and capitalism. If the Mongols invaded Austria, they could have prevented such economic concepts from coming into fruition. Also, have you heard of Percy Lavon Julian? His name is not a popular name among normal folks but those who know what he really means to the field of medicine is surely grateful. Julian is the inventor of steroids. While some of you may think that he's the guy behind all those cheating athletes, you might want to check your medicine cabinet first. Steroid is an ingredient of many medicinal drugs such as those used to treat asthma, allergies, arthritis, eczema, hemorrhoids, and even cancer. These true stories could have been lost in the past forever but thanks t

A History of Ancient Rome
Explore the glory that was Ancient Rome with Carnegie Teacher of the Year Frances Titchener.

Ancient Greece: A Brief History
Ancient Greece: A Brief History" presents a comprehensive look at Ancient Greece in a compact, interactive format. This digital compendium serves as a reference to the most significant and widely referenced events and figures of the period, from early government to the Trojan Horse. Youll discover some of Greeces greatest contributions to modern society.

A History of Ancient Greece
Professor Eric H. Cline-The George Washington University In this intriguing series of lectures, prolific researcher, author, and professor Eric H. Cline delves into the history of ancient Greece, frequently considered to be the founding nation of

Primary Sources for Ancient History
Primary Sources for Ancient History Volume II: The Roman World By: Gary Forsythe The Roman Empire lasted for more than a millennia. From a small city it grew to encompass almost 1.7 million miles. It's innovations in warfare, po

History of Ancient Egypt
George Rawlinson (1812-1902) was a prolific author on classical history. History of Ancient Egypt is one of Rawlinsons most famous works. Many of the original illustrations are included in this version.

Ancient History
An uninvited guest, entering the empty New York apartment of a man known to intimates as "Dom," proceeds to write for his absent host a curious confession. Its close accounts of friendship since boyhood with two men surely unknown to Dom and

The History of Ancient Rome
The Semitic stock occupied a place amidst, and yet aloof from, the nations of the ancient classical world. The true centre of the former lay in the east, that of the latter in the region of the Mediterranean; and, however wars and migrations may h

The History of Ancient Rome
When Sulla died in the year 676, the oligarchy which he had restored ruled with absolute sway over the Roman state; but, as it had been established by force, it still needed force to maintain its ground against its numerous secret and open foes. I

Ancient Egypt: History in an Hour
Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour. Learn about the Egyptian gods, mummification and how the Egyptians built the only wonder of the ancient world still standing - the Pyramids of Giza. Exploring the historic rise of Egyptian civ

Rewriting Ancient Jewish History
Half a century ago, the primary contours of the history of the Jews in Roman times were not subject to much debate. This standard account collapsed, however, when a handful of insights undermined the traditional historical method, the method long

Ancient Egypt Myth and History
Explains the rise through text and illustrations of the great civilisation of the Nile to the Greco-Roman age. The principal gods are explained, as are the myths with information on the beliefs, manners and customs. The second part is a concise an

The History of Ancient Rome
The strict conception of the unity and omnipotence of the state in all matters pertaining to it, which was the central principle of the Italian constitutions, placed in the hands of the single president nominated for life a formidable power, which

History of Ancient Babylon
Babylon, the capital of the Fourth Monarchy, was probably the largest and most magnificent city of the ancient world. A dim tradition current in the East gave, it is true, a greater extent, if not a greater splendor, to the metropolis of Assyria;

History of Ancient Civilization
Prehistoric Remains-One often finds buried in the earth, weapons, implements, human skeletons, debris of every kind left by men of whom we have no direct knowledge. These are dug up by the thousand in all the provinces of France, in Switzerland,

Ancient History of Korea
This is a sister copy of the Ancient History of Manchuria under the same premises as the ancient scriptures of Korean history had been destroyed by the invaders. With this premise, Mosol starts to explore many issues after the Han invasion to Manc

The History of Ancient Rome
With the abolition of the Macedonian monarchy the supremacy of Rome not only became an established fact from the Pillars of Hercules to the mouths of the Nile and the Orontes, but, as if it were the final decree of fate, it weighed on the nations

A History of Ancient Rome
So far as we know, the early inhabitants of Italy were divided into three races, the IAPYGIAN, ETRUSCAN, and ITALIAN. The IAPYGIANS were the first to settle in Italy. They probably came from the north, and were pushed south by later immigrations,
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