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Spirited Brides
A delightful pair of spellbinding novels from beloved author Amanda McCabe. One Touch of Magic Lady Sarah Iverson is forging ahead with her late husband’s work by excavating an ancient Viking village on an estate owned by Miles Rutledge, who inherited the property from his uncle. He’s dismayed that a dig is being performed on grounds best suited for crops. Still, he’s intrigued by Sarah’s scholarly pursuits—and by a connection between them that promises a wealth beyond any buried treasure. A Loving Spirit Visiting Royce Castle in the wilds of Cornwall delights Cassie Richards, for she’s always been intrigued by the stories of its ghosts—and by the enigmatic lord of the manor. The rational-minded Phillip, Earl of Royce has no time or patience for silly rumors of phantoms—or the attentions of attractive young ladies. But when Cassie arrives at his mother’s invitation, he’s hard put to deny an unexpected infatuation that might just bloom into love—with some spiritual guidance. “Amanda McCabe has never disappointed.”—Huntress Reviews
Published by Penguin on 09/01/2009
Book details: 448 pages.

The Taming of the Rogue
Anna Barrett is more comfortable filling tankards at the White Heron Theater than shopping for corsets. Her "take no prisoners" attitude has earned her a tough reputation. Where she was once innocent and naive, now she's vowed never to be ensnared by a man again. Except Robert Alden is not just any man…. Gorgeous, dashing and decidedly reckless, this playwright has left a trail of broken hearts across London. He's also a spy on a dangerous assignment. Anna cannot help getting embroiled in his mission—even if this seemingly untameable rogue is the last person with whom she should become involved….
Published by Harlequin on 05/01/2012
Book details: 288 pages.

Scandal in Venice
Available digitally for the first time from acclaimed author Amanda McCabe comes a classic Signet Regency Romance of a great love on the Grand Canal. In the wake of a horrible accident that killed the wretched man who was to be her husband, Lady Elizabeth Everdean has fled to Italy, where she vows to become a great artist—and to never let another man control her destiny. Sir Nicholas Hollingsworth is as renowned as a war hero as he is as a rake. When the man who saved his life in battle asks him to find his missing sister Elizabeth, he departs at once for Venice. Only he never expects the object of his search to become the object of his desire… “A lively, delicious Regency.” —Karen Harbaugh “Excitingly sensuous, yet darkly haunting.” —Romantic Times Don’t miss Amanda McCabe’s forthcoming Signet Regency Romances, The Spanish Bride, available April 2012, and Lady Rogue, available May 2012.
Published by Penguin on 02/14/2012
Book details: 172 pages.

The Demure Miss Manning
Adventures of an English debutante The perfect diplomat's daughter, Mary Manning spent her young life following her father around the world, behaving in the most agreeable way. So stealing a kiss from military hero Sebastian Barrett was most out of character, and a mistake she'll never make again! A mission to Brazil seems the perfect way to escape his tempting emerald eyes. But when he, too, arrives upon the sultry sands of Rio, Mary realizes there's no running from the perfectly wicked way Sebastian makes her feel…
Published by Harlequin on 11/01/2015
Book details: 288 pages.

One Wicked Christmas
London, 1806 Lady Cassandra Osborne is ready to take a new lover to her bed—and knows exactly the man she wants: Sir Ian Chandler, her late husband's rakish best friend. The single kiss they'd shared had made her feel alive again, awakening dark needs she didn't even know she had…though Ian had quickly pulled away. Cassie is sure he doesn't want her, until their reunion at a Christmas house party tempts them to succumb to the desire that has haunted them both….
Published by Harlequin on 11/01/2011
Book details: 288 pages.

The Runaway Countess
Wed to wickedness In Society's eyes, Hayden Fitzwalter, Earl of Ramsay and Jane Bancroft have the perfect marriage. But what can't be seen are the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Believing Hayden will never renounce his dissolute ways, Jane flees to her family's dilapidated estate in the country. Years later, Hayden now longs to win back the only woman who has ever touched his heart. But first he has to convince her that this rogue is ready to be tamed…. BANCROFTS OF BARTON PARK Two sisters, two scandals, two sizzling love affairs
Published by Harlequin on 09/01/2013
Book details: 288 pages.

One Touch of Magic
A classic story from one of Signet Regency Romance’s brightest stars—Award-Winning Author Amanda McCabe. Recently widowed, Sarah, Lady Iverson, forges ahead with her late husband’s work—excavating an ancient Viking village rumored to be full of cursed treasure. But she never imagined that the current land’s owner, Miles Rutledge, would be an even greater treasure to cherish… Don’t miss Amanda McCabe’s endearing Signet Regency Romance, The Golden Feather.
Published by Penguin on 11/13/2012
Book details: 224 pages.

To Court, Capture and Conquer
London, 1589 Lord Edward Hartley plans to get revenge against Sir Thomas Sheldon, the man who destroyed his brother, by stealing Sheldon's intended bride. Standing in his way is Lady Elizabeth Gilbert, the girl's chaperone and a reputed paragon of virtue. Yet Edward cannot help but notice the sensual longing in her eyes. He is sure that her cool exterior conceals a passion waiting to be set free. And when Edward kidnaps Elizabeth by mistake, neither can resist unleashing their desire....
Published by Harlequin on 11/01/2010
Book details: 48 pages.

The Rules of Love
The RITA Award-nominated Signet Regency Romance from Amanda McCabe. Available Digitally For the First Time Rosalind Chase would be quite content running her conservatory for young girls—if it wasn't for the antics of her brother who is constantly led into trouble of all sorts by that insufferable rake Lord Morley. As the secret author of a popular book on etiquette, she knows Morley breaks every social convention...yet she cannot stop musing on him. When circumstances bring the two closer together, however, Rosalind learns that there is more to the man than pleasantly meets the eye. And though he lives by his own rules, they just might be the right rules for love...
Published by Penguin on 12/11/2012
Book details: 231 pages.

The Star of India
A Signet Regency Romance to cherish from “an author to savor” (The Romance Reader)—Amanda McCabe. Lady Emily Kenton has a parade of suitors, yet nothing excites her—or worries her—more than the unexpected return of her best friend from childhood to English society. David left for India when she was eight, after his father presented her family with the precious Star of India for safekeeping. Now Emily bears a terrible secret about the jewel—one that’s certain to drive David away forever… Duty has called David Huntington, Earl of Darlinghurst, to his English estate, and now he must fulfill the promise he made to his grandmother to retrieve the Star of India. This task leads him to Emily, whom he’s never forgotten—and whose delicate beauty makes his heart ache with love. David will do anything to uncover the secret she’s keeping from him—and to prove that she’s worth more to him than any jewel…
Published by Penguin on 06/12/2012
Book details: 224 pages.
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