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Ecological Aesthetics
With this poetic and scholarly collection of stories about art, artists, and their materials, Nathaniel Stern argues that ecology, aesthetics, and ethics are inherently entwined, and together act as the cornerstone for all contemporary arts practi

Reparative Aesthetics
By offering a new way of thinking about the role of politically engaged art, Susan Best opens up a new aesthetic field: reparative aesthetics. The book identifies an innovative aesthetic on the part of women photographers from the southern hemisph

Cognitive Disability Aesthetics
Cognitive Disability Aesthetics explores the invisibility of cognitive disability in theoretical, historical, social, and cultural contexts. Benjamin Fraser's cutting edge research and analysis signals a second-wave in disability studies

Rhetorical Aesthetics
Rhetorical Aesthetics approaches Chinese art and literature from a novel perspective with special interest and influence in Chinese theory since the 1990s. The author works out a practice of reading through fine literary, cinematic, and visual

Aesthetics and Art
This book introduces traditional and modern aesthetics and arts, comparing the similarities and differences between traditional and modern Chinese aesthetics. It also explores the aesthetic implications of traditional Chinese paintings, and discus

Transitional Aesthetics
Using the way in which artists from the former Eastern bloc perceive the experience of EU integration and transition from a Soviet past as a conceptual launching pad, this book explores how artists critically inhabit a permanent state of 'in-betwe

Composed Theatre: Aesthetics, Practices, Processes
Composed Theatre: Aesthetics, Practices, Processes

Psychoanalytic Aesthetics
'This is a book to which the attention of students of art theory and criticism, and all those interested in the important application of psychoanalysis to other fields of study, should be drawn. Psychoanalytic Aesthetics rethinks the classical acc

Hart Crane's Queer Modernist Aesthetic
Hart Crane's Queer Modernist Aesthetic argues that the aspects of experience which modernists sought to interrogate - time, space, and material things - were challenged further by Crane's queer poetics. Reading Crane alongside contemporary queer t

American Immigration Aesthetics
AMERICAN IMMIGRATION AESTHETICS (Bernard Malamud & Bharati Mukherjee as Immigrants) is a well-researched Doctoral study of the dynamics of immigration into America in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond. As immigrant wri

Aesthetics on the Edge
Philosophers say what art is and then scientists and then other scholars study how we are equipped, cognitively and socially, to make art and appreciate it. This time-honoured approach will not work. Recent science reveals that we have poor intuit

The Principles Of Aesthetics
The Principles Of Aesthetics

Essays on Aesthetic Genesis
Essays on Aesthetic Genesis is a collection of essays written on Jeff Mitscherling's work in realist phenomenology, Aesthetic Genesis: The Origin of Consciousness in the Intentional Being of Nature. The authors explicate, expand,

Injections in Aesthetic Medicine
The use of injectables, known as dermal fillers, is becoming ever more popular in aesthetic medicine. Full-face and full-body treatments using such fillers are increasingly substituting for various surgical techniques; not only do they provide imm

Aesthetics, Industry, and Science
On January 5, 1845, the Prussian cultural minister received a request by a group of six young men to form a new Physical Society in Berlin. In fields from thermodynamics, mechanics, and electromagnetism to animal electricity, ophthalmology, and ps

A Capsule Aesthetic
How new media art informed by feminism yields important and original insights about interacting with technologiesIn A Capsule Aesthetic, Kate Mondloch examines how new media installation art intervenes in the fiel

Ecosophical Aesthetics
Inspired by the ecosophical writings of Felix Guattari, this book explores the many ways that aesthetics - in the forms of visual art, film, sculpture, painting, literature, and the screenplay - can act as catalysts, allowing us to see the world d

An Aesthetic Underground
"John Metcalf has written some of the very best stories ever published in this country."-Alice MunroThe Argus-eyed editor; the magisterial prose stylist; the waggish, inflammatory cultural critic; the mentor and iconoclast. John Metcalf is

The Aesthetics of Violence
Violence at an aesthetic remove from the spectator or reader has been a key element of narrative and visual arts since Greek antiquity. Here Robert Appelbaum explores the nature of mimesis, aggression, the affects of antagonism and victimization a

Aesthetic Evolution in Man
If we wish to hit upon the primitive germ of sthetic sensibility in man, we cannot begin better than by looking at its foreshadowing in the lower animals. There are two modes of aesthetic feeling which seem to exist among vertebrates and insects
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