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The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club
Introducing Laurie Notaro, the leader of the Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club. Every day she fearlessly rises from bed to defeat the evil machinations of dolts, dimwits, and creepy boyfriends-and that's before she even puts on a bra. For the pas

The Really New School: An Up2U Action Adventure
Up2U Adventures-where the ending is Up2U! Ana thinks that her new school is very strange. Middlehurst Elementary School has a lot of rules. And everyone follows them. Or else. When Ana and her new friend Bryce discover a secret passage, they know th

The Action & Adventure Collection
Breathtaking, pulse-pounding adventures that would put Indiana Jones on edge. Buckle up for adventure in these action-packed tales that appeared in the pages of the most popular pulp fiction magazines of the 1930's and 1940's.The Collection

Starmen (Space Action Adventure Series)
A pulse-pounding origin story about a team of Starmen - intergalactic bounty hunters.A cold-hearted dictator escapes the claws of justice and is chased down by a brilliant inventor seeking vengeance, undeterred by the barrage of enemies in his path. Venec is from a distant galaxy and has invented a device capable of time travel, only to be interrupted before he can test it by the escape of his world's most hated enemy - Amataius.A passenger aboard Venec's ship, Cane - a seemingly ordinary traveller with dreams of exploration - is actually the spawn of a genetically engineered race of humans, and is swept along on a journey across galaxies with the inventor to uncharted space where they stumble upon Earth, the home of their new crew, and the battleground where Venec and Amataius will have their fateful showdown. The new crew will travel to Federation space, in a time of tenuous relations between the Federation and the Empire, and train along the way to become Starmen candidates. But do they have what it takes? Will fate continue to conspire so desperately against them? Or will they succeed in their mission? Saving Earth, and the galaxies, from a bloody war that will claim the lives of billions. With compelling male and female characters, and charged with white-knuckle excitement, Starmen is an action-packed bounty hunter series. Join the Earth crew as they travel the vast reaches of corporate space aboard a starship, dealing with pirates, criminals, robots, and the mysterious grey alien race. Become a Starman Deputy today, and help clean up the galaxies!

Skeletons in the Closet: Action Adventure Thriller with Heart Pounding Suspense in New York City
Secrets don't stay buried for very long, not with Detective Stephanie Chalice on the trail. When an act of cowardice and greed resurfaces it spells disaster for a rich and powerful Manhattan family. Their infant son has been abducted and no ransom

The Cog Work Apprentice in Dark Skies (Steampunk action adventure)
John Lumley Conduit was enjoying his day off from work when hundreds of rebel airships invaded his town. With the town under attack, John desperately searches for his girlfriend, who has disappeared with his former best friend and romantic ri

The Song of Forgetfulness Sci-Fi Dystopian Action Adventure Series
A gritty, sci-fi/dystopian/supernatural action adventure - 4 book Box Set."If you like action, and science fiction then you'll appreciate one of the first books EVER that gives you high powered adrenalin with chil

The Cassandra Sanction: The most controversial action adventure thriller you'll read this year! (Ben Hope, Book 12)
A TRAGIC DEATH. A GRIEVING BROTHER. A PLOT TO DECEIVE THE ENTIRE WORLD. Ex-SAS major and kidnap recovery specialist Ben Hope is looking for peace in a quiet Spanish town. What he gets instead is the kind of trouble that only a man like him can han

The Hollywood Murders-Gretch Bayonne Action Adventure Series Book #3
The explosive third book in the Bay series takes us further inside Hollywood's marvelous golden era with mind bending twists and razor sharp accuracy. Jean Harlow is there, breathtakingly beautiful and close enough to feel the heat of her body on your skin. Horror legend and gentle heart Bela Lugosi is shown in another light than the public perceives. Thomas brings these and others to life and weaves them into this fascinating tale of an elusive serial killer wreaking havoc in the community. Hunting the killer is the man called Bay, and Bay is determined to bring an end to the killings once and for all, or die trying.

Cult Of The Serpentari: Taboo Rites 1.Book One of a Fantasy, Action Adventure Story Of Interracial and Bisexual Erotic Romance
What happens when you mix nuanced writing, layered characters, an exotic fantasy world, and reeeeaaally spicy erotica? Cult of the SerpentariIntent on glory and daring to separate truth from the stories, a fearles

The Devil's Kingdom: Part 2 of the best action adventure thriller you'll read this year! (Ben Hope, Book 14)
HAS BEN HOPE FINALLY MET HIS MATCH? The master bestseller returns with the explosive follow up to STAR OF AFRICA. The second in a two-part series. The adventure began in Star of Africa, now ex-SAS major Ben Hope is in the most desperate situation

StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue Two
Brace yourself for the next exciting issue of StoryHack Action & Adventure. Taking cues from the greatest pulp magazines of a bygone era, StoryHack publishes all-new stories of bravery and derring-do in a wide variety of genres. There is somet

The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"I've changed a bit since high school. Back then I said no to using and selling drugs. I washed on a normal basis and still had good credit."Introducing Laurie Notaro, the

Permanent Enemy: Explosive political action/adventure.
Paul Roberts' "Permanent Enemy" is a political thriller and action/adventure novel that fans of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series, Dale Brown, Lee Child, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, and even J.K. Rowling may find enjoyable and unique. Set in Washington, D.C, Egypt, sub-Sahara Africa and Corsica, it's about a secret mission to end genocide, but it quickly turns into a bloodbath in the African jungle. Among the explosive secrets uncovered by a betrayed and badly shot-up CIA commando, Brett Collins, is the funding of Ethnic Cleansing in Africa with American tax dollars by a fraternity of corrupt and powerful politicians, in exchange for millions of dollars in kickbacks! Rescued and nursed back to health by a stunningly beautiful British Intelligence agent, Agatha Cornwell, with whom he falls madly in love, Brett Collins sets out to accomplish his mission. To succeed, he must first wage a secret warfare against the enemies within-before they carry out an assassination plot against a United States president for attempting to resolve a genocide campaign from which they're profiting. Inspired by actual, true-life events, "Permanent Enemy" is a bullet-fast, action-packed international thriller, filled with nail-biting suspense and stunning surprises. It's the first novel in the Action-Pak series.

Home/Land/Security: What We Learn about Arab Communities from Action-Adventure Films
Karin Gwinn Wilkins interviews focus groups composed of a diverse cross-section of Americans and analyzes their interpretations of action-adventure film villains of Middle Eastern descent. Wilkins addresses the neglected empirical link between documented media stereotypes of Arab communities and the lived consequences of these portrayals, both in terms of discriminatory practices and generalizations.

CRIME & MYSTERY COLLECTION: 12 Thrillers & Action-Adventure Novels (Illustrated)
This Crime & Mystery Collection by Richard Marsh includes: Crime and the Criminal The Datchet Diamonds The Chase of the Ruby The Twickenham Peerage Miss Arnott's Marriage The Great Temptation The Master of Deception A Duel The Woman with One H

50 Action-Adventure masterpieces you have to read before you die vol: 1
This book contains the following works arranged alphabetically by authors last names Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks [Horatio Alger, Jr] Tom Swift and His Wireless Message [Victor Appleton] Gulliver of Mars Edwin [Lester

Erin & Craig 3 Book Action/Adventure series
This eBook contains the following three stories that comprise the Erin & Craig action/adventure - archeological thriller series. Book 1: The Alkano Letters -Book 2: The Carthage Connection -Book 3: Carved In Stone

Romancing the Alpha 2: An Action-Adventure Romance Boxed Set
USA Today bestselling adventure romance super bundle. Spice up your summer with 9 never-before-published action-adventure romance stories by USA Today and NYT bestselling authors. Fall in love with your next book boyfriend! Sexy Navy SEALs, treasure hunters, mercenaries, and more. Zoe York - FALL QUIETA chance meeting on a Caribbean island gives Navy SEAL Quinn Parry another opportunity to impress the sexiest Army sergeant he's ever laid eyes on. Anne Marsh - XANDERDesperate to find protection for her family, Lily turns to the only man in Miami who can help her: Xander Volkov. She hasn't seen the billionaire Russian since their unfortunate shotgun marriage six years ago but he now runs one of the most powerful Mafia families in town. Lily hates everything about the Russian mob, but hating Xander gets harder each day… and when they bet the future of their marriage on the outcome of an adventure yacht race, Xander is determined to win once and for all. Zara Keane - THE NAVY SEAL'S ACCIDENTAL WIFEAfter months on an undercover operation that went explosively wrong, former Navy SEAL JD Teller has one week to win back his estranged wife before the birth of their baby. Can he convince Naomi that she's the love of his life? Or will their happiness be torn asunder by a ruthless diamond smuggler with a particular hatred for JD?Leigh James - ESCORTING THE ASSASSINSean Kingston only knows one thing: the hard life of a hired assassin. On probation for an assignment gone wrong, the last thing he wants is to babysit an escort on his next mission. But whether he likes it or not, beautiful Kylie's been hired as his pretend girlfriend for a dangerous undercover assignment. Now he has to keep her alive, and try to stop himself from falling in love. which might prove to be his toughest job yet. Kat Cantrell - RESCUING HER SEAL"There was not one single thing about him that said bring me home to meet your mother."A scavenger hunt around the Caribbean partners Navy SEAL Theodore Fitzhugh wi

Romancing the Alpha: An Action-Adventure Romance Boxed Set
HOT NEW adventure romance super bundle. Spice up your summer with 10 never-before-published action-adventure romance stories by bestselling authors. Kick butt and fall in love with sexy Navy SEALs, treasure hunters, mercenaries, and more. Let the adrenaline flow! Zoe York - FALL BACK When Navy SEAL Cade Duncan partners up with Mel Vincent for an endurance race, he doesn't expect to tumble into a romantic fling in paradise-or to be so pissed with the beautiful woman when he finds out she's been keeping secrets. Ruby Lionsdrake - THE PIRATE CAPTAIN'S DAUGHTER When firefighter and mercenary Marat Azarov rescues a beautiful slave woman from a life of certain torment, he gets more than he bargained for. Zara Keane - HER TREASURE HUNTER EX When underwater photographer Katy Ryan embarks on a secret mission to salvage priceless jewels from the wreck of the RMS Lusitania, she's pissed as hell to be be pitted against Dex Fitzgerald, her super sexy treasure hunter ex. Anna Hackett - AMONG GALACTIC RUINS When astro-archeologist Lexa Carter discovers a map to an old Earth treasure, she's thrilled about a treasure hunt to a dangerous, desert planet-but not about being saddled with head of security, Damon Malik. She thinks he's arrogant. He thinks she's a trouble magnet. But when the hunt turns deadly, they'll have to trust each other just to survive. Ember Casey - THE DEVIL'S SET: JACKSON Charlotte knows she's in trouble the moment Jackson North shows up at her door in the middle of the night. She always suspected her ex had secrets, but she never thought those secrets would lead her on a wild treasure hunt through Croatia's islands-or throw her back into the arms of the dangerous man who once broke her heart. Anna Lowe - UNCHARTED The last thing archaeologist Julie Steffens needs is a gang of armed mercenaries after her for a crime she didn't commit. And the last rescuer she wants is Seth Cooper, the sizzling vacation fling who disappeared from her bedside two months before. But r
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