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Abcs, 123S, Help Me, Please!
ABCs, 123s, Help Me Please! is a great activity book for children from pre-school to first grade. This very colorful book tells its own alphabet story, with a few addition and subtraction problems in the back. It also introduces new words

The 123s of ABC in SAP
Incorporate the Benefits of Activity-Based Costing into the Efficiencies of Your SAP R/3 SystemGiven SAP's dominance in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market, many companies and their managers encounter SAP AG appl

Pre-K: Early Learning ABC's 123's Shapes Colors
Early learning activities for kids. ABC's123'sShapesColorsChildren can build a memory of the alphabets, numbers, shapes and colors in this learning book. Also, this is visual pleasing too!

ABC's & 123 Interactive Book Game
ABC's & 123 An Interactive Book Game. The book is short but easy to navigate. A short, but fun quiz game for smaller kids. This prepares children for early reading. ABC books are the game type. This book uses the links in the book's text to add i

Cut & Paste 123s, Grades Preschool - K
In Cut & Paste 123s, your child will practice safely using scissors and glue to finish colorful pictures designed to help him or her practice counting. Your child will develop the fine motor control needed for kindergarten while also learning numbers!



ABC is packed with quirky and charming creatures who want to help your children learn the entire alphabet. It's perfect for preschoolers and parents to share and has a lively rhythm when read aloud. Every letter of the alphabet is paired with a qu

Animal ABCs, The
A is for Animals, Alligators, and Ants you will findB is for Bees, Butterflies, and Birds of all kindsC is for Cats and Canaries and all Creeping thingsD is for Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Dogs jumping through rings<

Happy Baby: 123 Bilingual
Happy Baby: 123-Pictures are labeled in English and Spanish-Companions to best selling series with over 2 million copies in print-Sturdy, chunky format with padded cover.'Suave y liso' con retratos simoles

BABY 123‧Colors‧Shapes
1. 介紹數字1〜10,讓孩子練習點數,建立數字概念。2. 透過不同顏色和形狀的物品,培養孩子的聯想力。3. 厚紙卡頁面不易撕破,可反覆閱讀,增強記憶。4. 書本以圓角設計,適合孩子翻閱,安全不傷手。5. 家長教導孩子認識各種物品的名稱,親子共讀樂趣多。年齡:0~3歲

BABY 123‧顏色‧形狀
1. 介紹數字1〜10,讓孩子練習點數,建立數字概念。2. 透過不同顏色和形狀的物品,培養孩子的聯想力。3. 厚紙卡頁面不易撕破,可反覆閱讀,增強記憶。4. 書本以圓角設計,適合孩子翻閱,安全不傷手。5. 家長教導孩子認識各種物品的名稱,親子共讀樂趣多。年齡:0~3歲


Alphaprints: 123
Finger and thumb prints are turned into an array of animals through the addition of simple illustration and photographs in this innovative Alphaprints 123 book, which has been designed to develop children's counting and number recognition

Canada 123
Count your way across CanadaPaul Covello's brilliantly bold artwork counts up the things Canada loves best in this board book for the very young. From the author of the beloved Canada ABC.

Lola's 123
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Learn numbers with Lola.

數字筆順圖例示範阿拉伯數字筆畫順序,讓幼兒看筆順學寫數字。中英文對照每個數字均有英文對照,讓幼兒全方位學習。圖像記憶學習透過全彩大圖,讓幼兒輕鬆學會數與量的對應。邊遊戲邊學習藉由書中連連看、迷宮、配對等遊戲,啟發幼兒基礎數學概念。 適讀年齡:2~6歲注音版

City 123
An fresh look at the numbers one to ten, using familiar urban scenes captured by Zoran Milich's expert camera lens.

1.按照0~10的順序,搭配客廳、房間、街道等不同場景,讓孩子在畫面中找到指定的數字。之後再增加難度, 在同一畫面中找出1~5、6~10、0~10。 2.學習點數後,讓孩子繼續練習簡單的加法和減法,並從畫面中找出與答案相同數量的物件。 3.幼兒透過點數,認識數字0~10,建立數字概念。 4.孩子依照題目判斷並尋找答案,訓練邏輯思考能力。 5.可依畫面說故事,或訂定其他條件尋找不同寶物,學習多元化。

Learn the ABC's with Princess Mia and her friends.
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