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Learning Through Music

Author: A.S. Wisbey
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 92 pages.

Music as the Source of Learning

The evidence grows daily that much learning failure results from undetected early childhood hearing problems (Gordon 1977). This is because the child is deprived of the state of acute hearing sensitivity normally present at birth which makes it possible to recognize the loudness levels and duration of each individual sound. This is how a child learns the signifi cance of the slightest variations in the quality of each sound as he collects information from the environment through all his senses, and the meaning of these changes is experienced and understood. As a result of normal sensory experience and reaction with the environment the multisensory systems are used and developed. Similarly, the growth of the brain is stimulated to make possible the storage of infor mation and to produce the biochemical state necessary to transmit and relate the sensory information so collected and stored (Monckeberg and Prescott, 1975). If the loudness level of sound is reduced so too is its impact. In this form a baby's normal 'startle response' to a sound, which includes the flickering open of the eyes, is rarely experienced. This response of the eyes is a seeking out of a sound source. The visual localizing of sound sources, leading to the antiCipation of their spatial position, arises from the ability to hear the fine changes of pitch and loudness levels involved in movement.
Author: A.S. Wisbey
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 165 pages.

The Great Train Robbery and the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad

The Squad that investigated The Great Train Robbery. "The Old Grey Fox" or "One Day Tommy" (Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Butler) selected six of the best officers on the elite Metropolitan Police Flying Squad to investigate the Crime of the Century, but whilst many books have been written by and about every criminal arrested for this crime, NONE have been written about the detectives who traced and tracked them. Tommy Butler delayed his retirement to complete the job, but died a few months after he retired at 57 years of age, the only detective of his rank in the late 1950s and 1960s not to publish an autobiography.??This book provides a detailed account of the men tasked with tracking down the most notorious thieves in British history. It examines the investigation in detail and asks how it would contrast with the methods used today should a similar incident take place.??Geoff Platt examines what happened to these men after the investigation was closed and the effect it had on both their personal and professional lives.
Author: Geoff Platt
Published by Wharncliffe on 03/31/2015
Book details: 224 pages.

Blind Beauty

Buffoon doesn't look like much of a race horse. He's awkward and ugly. But Tess senses something special in him. Together, the unloved horse and the stubborn girl will forge a bond that will take them further than anyone could have imagined... An touching tale of how friendship can prevail when the odds are stacked against you.
Author: K. M. Peyton
Published by Scholastic UK on 09/04/2014
Book details: 368 pages.

Taking Responsibility, Law and the Changing Family

This volume considers the impact that changing family norms have had on the responsibilities that the law allocates to people in family relationships. Contributions are drawn from a wide variety of jurisdictions in which scholars, lawyers, judges and policy-makers have been trying to discern what the appropriate correlation should be between the responsibilities that people undertake in family settings and the law that regulates family responsibilities. Part I looks at the changes that have occurred in adult relationships and what they have done for our sense of the family responsibilities that adults take for one another. Part II reflects on the changing nature of the parental relationship in order to reconsider the way in which changing family structures affect the responsibilities we think people raising children should have. The third part brings the rights discourse that has dominated jurisprudence for much of the last fifty years into the discussion of family transformation and the responsibilities to which it gives rise. In the final section the authors reflect on the difficulties of trying to resolve the meaning of responsibility in a world of changing families. The collection brings together some of the most eminent and imaginative scholars and judges working in this area. It will be a valuable resource for all those interested in the legal regulation of the transforming family.
Published by Routledge on 04/01/2016
Book details: 322 pages.

Gottfried Von Strassburg and the Medieval Tristan Legend

This volume comprises selected papers from a Tristan symposium held at the Institute of Germanic Studies in London. The symposium was conceived by the organizers as an experiment in transatlantic dialogue and the papers represent the views of scholars from a variety of North American and British universities. The main focus of attention is Gottfried's Tristan. Familiar assumptions about the text are questioned and fresh perspectives are offered on many contentious issues: those disagreements which persist are themselves a reflection posed by Gottfried's masterpiece. In addition, new light is thrown on the treatment of the Tristan theme in medieval and modern times.Contributors are: MICHAEL CURSCHMANN, W.J. MCCANN, MARGARET BROWN, C. STEPHEN JAEGER, M.H. JONES, ADRIAN STEVENS, ARTHUR GROOS, THOMAS KERTH, MICHAEL BATTS, MARIANNE WYNN, JANET WHARTON, GEORGE GILLESPIE, JOAN M. FERRANTE, LESLIE SEIFFERT, SIDNEY M. JOHNSON, PETRUS W. TAX, AUGUST CLOSS, H.B. WILLSON, ROY WISBEY.
Published by Boydell & Brewer Ltd on 08/20/1990
Book details: 284 pages.

The use of computers in anthropology

Published by Walter de Gruyter on 01/01/1965
Book details: 558 pages.

Pioneer Prophetess

The classic biography of the Rhode Island Quaker, Jemima Wilkinson (1752-1819), who at the age of 23, after recovering from a bout of fever, pronounced that she had been directed by a vision to preach to a "dying and sinful world."
Published by Cornell University Press on 04/01/2009
Book details: 232 pages.

Text and Genre in Reconstruction

In this broad-reaching, multi-disciplinary collection, leading scholars investigate how the digital medium has altered the way we read and write text. In doing so, it challenges the very notion of scholarship as it has traditionally been imagined. Incorporating scientific, socio-historical, materialist and theoretical approaches, this rich body of work explores topics ranging from how computers have affected our relationship to language, whether the book has become an obsolete object, the nature of online journalism, and the psychology of authorship. The essays offer a significant contribution to the growing debate on how digitization is shaping our collective identity, for better or worse. Text and Genre in Reconstruction will appeal to scholars in both the humanities and sciences and provides essential reading for anyone interested in the changing relationship between reader and text in the digital age.
Published by Open Book Publishers on 08/20/2019
Book details: 243 pages.

The Great Train Robbery

A new history of the most infamous crimes of the 1960s. Published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the robbery, 8 August 2013.
Author: Jim Morris
Published by Amberley Publishing Limited on 07/15/2013
Book details: 224 pages.
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