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Cocoa Goes Bald!

When nine-year-old Cocoa discovers she is going bald because of a condition called alopecia, her father helps her remember what is important when it comes to facing her classmates on the first day of school.
Published by AuthorHouse on 08/01/2008
Book details: 36 pages.

Du Bois's Dialectics

Du Bois's Dialectics is doubly distinguished from other books on Du Bois because it is the first extended exploration of Du Bois's contributions to new critical theory and the first book-length treatment of his contributions to contemporary black radical politics and the developing discipline of Africana Studies. With chapters that undertake ideological critiques of education, religion, the politics of reparations, and the problematics of black radical politics in contemporary culture and society, Du Bois's Dialectics employs Du Bois as its critical theoretical point of departure and demonstrates his (and Africana Studies') contributions to, as well as contemporary critical theory's connections to, critical pedagogy, sociology of religion, and reparations theory. Rabaka offers the first critical theoretical treatment of the W. E. B. Du Bois_Booker T. Washington debate, which lucidly highlights Du Bois's transition from a bourgeois black liberal to a black radical and revolutionary democratic socialist. This book is primarily directed at scholars, advanced undergraduate and graduate students working in and associated with Africana Studies, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Cultural Studies.
Published by Lexington Books on 07/15/2009
Book details: 354 pages.

Say Goodbye to Being Shy

Say Goodbye to Being Shy is a book for children who struggle with extreme to occasional shyness. Shyness is a barrier to social and academic development which can prevent children from reaching their greatest potential. Say Goodbye to Being Shy offers focused activities with clearly stated purposes designed to move children from feelings of shyness to developing competence and skill. Simple, fun activites to help kids: Accept themselves; Be assertive when necessary; Make new friends.
Published by New Harbinger Publications on 08/19/2019
Book details: 115 pages.

Sight Words, Grade K

Spectrum Sight Words helps young learners master high-frequency words! The lessons, perfect for students in kindergarten, strengthen word recognition skills using Fry's Instant Sight Words List, cloze activities, word flashcards, and more! Each book introduces, reinforces, and reviews instant recognition of the 300 highest-frequency words in the English language. They are also aligned to national and state standards and include a complete answer key. Today, more than ever, students need to be equipped with the essential skills they need for school achievement and for success on proficiency tests. The Spectrum series has been designed to prepare students with these skills and to enhance student achievement. Developed by experts in the field of education, each title in the Spectrum workbook series offers grade-appropriate instruction and reinforcement in an effective sequence for learning success. Perfect for use at home or in school, and a favorite of parents, homeschoolers, and teachers worldwide, Spectrum is the learning partner students need for complete achievement.
Author: Spectrum
Published by Carson-Dellosa Publishing on 09/01/2012
Book details: 160 pages.

City of Ores

City of Ores speaks of the struggles of the Prophet Triaphor and Princess Jewel as they fight against the vicious Riders of Apocalypse. They must defeat them before the Apocalypse of Nevorn or they shall be enslaved forever.
Published by Lulu.com on 11/01/2007
Book details: 132 pages.
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