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Instrument of War

The Angels are coming. The Host wants to know what the Academy was trying to hide and why the Fallen agreed to it. They want the Instrument of War, the one thing that can tip the Eternity War in their favour and put an end to the stalemate. Any impact on the Academy staff, students or buildings is just collateral damage. Mitch would like to forget that the last year ever happened, but that doesn’t seem likely with Little Red Riding Hood now teaching Teratology. The vampire isn’t quite as terrifying as he first thought, but she’s not the only monster at the Academy. The Fallen are spying on everyone, the new Principal is an angel and there’s an enchanting exchange student with Faerie blood. Angry and nervous of the angels surrounding him, Mitch tries to put the pieces together. He knows that Hayley is the Archangel Gabriel. He knows that she can determine the course of the Eternity War. He also knows that the Fallen will do anything to hide Gabriel from the Host – even allowing an innocent girl to be kidnapped. Instrument of War continues from Instrument of Peace, the first book in the Symphony of the Cursed trilogy, as Mitch, Hayley and Nikola return for their final year in the International Academy of Magic at Lake Moawhango in New Zealand. Review comments for Book I, Instrument of Peace: “a refreshingly modern yet old-fashioned fantasy novel with an emphasis on entertainment … [that] has clearly been written out of love for storytelling” – Risingshadow “engrossing”, “atmospheric”, “a really good read”, “engaging characters and storyline” – Reader comments Visit bit.ly/InstrumentOfWar
Author: Rebecca Hall
Published by Elsewhen Press on 06/02/2017
Book details: 352 pages.

An appeal to the people in behalf of their rights as authorized interpreters of the Bible

Book details: 380 pages.

Trespassed Hearts

A Truly Yours Digital Edition. . .Strangers in town don't usually concern Randi Blake, but when she greets a newcomer by dumping Lobster Bisque all over him not once, but twice - she finds he's not that easy to forget. But Randi has no interest in romance, so she can't understand the extreme reactions she has to his presence. Jordan Lamont jumps at the opportunity to work with famed photographer Dena Russell Kearns. He moves into town, planning only to build his career and technical expertise. He doesn't expect the intense attraction to a prickly waitress who acts more terrified than interested in him. As Jordan and Randi are drawn together, strange things begin happening in town. When the FBI takes Jordan in for questioning, Randi is convinced she has misplaced her trust again. Can Jordan convince her he's innocent? Will Randi listen, or will she end up in danger as well?
Published by Barbour Publishing on 01/01/2012
Book details: 176 pages.

Blumenfeld's Dictionary of Acting and Show Business

The first complete entertainment dictionary to be published, this work contains entries on acting in film, professionalism in acting, verse technique, and more. An invaluable index of subjects by category covers 17 topics, including lighting, commercials, contracts, drama, professional organizations, the media, and theater.
Published by Hal Leonard Corporation on 07/20/2019
Book details: 377 pages.

Advanced Combustion and Aerothermal Technologies

Here readers will find a summary of proceedings at a highly important NATO workshop. The ARW Advanced Combustion and Aerothermal Technologies: Environmental Protection and Pollution Reductions, was held in Kiev, May 2006. The workshop was co-directed by Profs. N. Syred and A.Khalatov, winners of the NATO Scientific Prize 2002, and was organized by the Institute of Thermophysics (Ukraine) and Cardiff University, UK. The primary workshop objective was to assess the existing knowledge on advanced combustion and aerothermal technologies providing reduced environmental impact.
Published by Springer on 10/16/2007
Book details: 471 pages.
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