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Patrol Response to Contemporary Problems

This textbook instructs patrol officers in their roles and responsibilities as first responders, with attention to new and evolving threats and responses to incidents that have broadened the scope of responsibility of the patrol officer. The first of the five parts of the book contains four chapters on patrol officer's preparation and conditioning. These chapters focus on the importance and features of mental and physical fitness and preparing for various police encounters, some of which may involve a fight for survival. The four chapters of Part 2 address training and equipment. The chapters discuss the principles of combat shooting, the specifications of intermediate rifles for use in patrol work, specialty impact systems that can be used as less-lethal force options, and first responders' recognition of explosives. Part 3 consists of three chapters on various types of patrol procedures: the use of police dogs in patrol operations, vehicle stops, and building searches. The four chapters of Part 4 consider patrol responses to critical incidents. One chapter instructs patrol officers in the responsibilities of first responders at the scene of a hostage/barricade/suicide incident. A second chapter describes the tactic of "immediate action/rapid deployment," which is recommended for patrol officers who are the first responders to a violent attack in progress that involves multiple actual and potential victims. A third chapter describes the planning and implementation of procedures for a unified command when multiple agencies are responding to a mass disaster. A fourth chapter focuses on knowledge and procedures used by first responders in their handling of disasters caused by terrorists' weapons of mass destruction. The three chapters of Part 5 instruct patrol officers in preparing for civil litigation that alleges violations of constitutional rights due to officer actions.
Published by Charles C Thomas Publisher on 07/22/2019
Book details: 256 pages.

First Book for Pianists

Haydn was primarily responsible for shaping the Classical style of performance. During the 18th century, when composers focused mainly on the sonata, quartet and symphony, Haydn's slow-maturing genius assimilated and consolidated the trends into an individual style that was both inspired and disciplined. These eight pieces are among Haydn's easiest works and are presented in their unsimplified, original form. Based on careful study, the editorial markings are clearly distinguished from the composer's.
Published by Alfred Music
Book details: 24 pages.

The One-Act Play Companion

The one-act play stands apart as a distinct art form with some well known writers providing specialist material, among them Bernard Shaw, Tom Stoppard, Harold Pinter, Caryl Churchill. Alan Ayckbourn, Edward Albee and Tennesee Williams. There are also lesser-known writers with plenty of material to offer, yet sourcing one-act plays to perform is notoriously hard. This companion is the first book to survey the work of over 250 playwrights in an illuminating A-Z guide. Multiple styles, nationalities and periods are covered, offering a treasure trove of compelling moments of theatre waiting to be discovered. Guidance on performing and staging one-act plays is also covered as well as essential contact information and where to apply for performance rights. A chapter introducing the history of the one-act play rounds off the title as a definitive guide.
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing on 01/05/2015
Book details: 224 pages.

Categorization and Naming in Children

In this landmark work on early conceptual and lexical development, Ellen Markman challenges the fundamental assumptions of traditional theories of language acquisition and proposes a new notion of how children acquire categories.
Published by MIT Press on 02/01/1991
Book details: 250 pages.

UN Global E-government Readiness Report 2005

This is the third in a series of UN reports which assesses the e-government readiness of the 191 UN member states, according to a quantitative composite index based on website assessment, telecommunication infrastructure and human resource capacity. The report finds that there are huge disparities in access and use of information and communication technologies around the world, and these disparities are not likely to be removed in the near future unless a concerted action is taken at the national, regional and the international levels for ICT-led development. Expanding the concept of 'real access' to ICT for everyone, the report sets out a 'socially inclusive governance framework' which focuses on the need to promote access and inclusion for the most disadvantaged in society.
Published by United Nations Publications on 07/22/2019
Book details: 236 pages.


The amazing story of the discovery of Troy and the man who found it.
Author: Ann Kerns
Published by Twenty-First Century Books on 09/01/2008
Book details: 80 pages.

God's Promises Day by Day

The latest addition to the successful Minute Meditations series includes daily inspirational thoughts with accompanying New King James Version verse. Contributors Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll, John Eldredge. Franklin Graham, R. C. Sproul, Anne Graham Lotz and others remind us of the wealth of blessings and promises God intends for believers. Ideal for beginning the day secure in the knowledge that God has good plans in store, or the perfect bedtime companion for closing the day with His reassurance that He is nearby, God's Promises Day by Day is destined to be a classic devotional resource for those seeking to know Him more fully. Other titles in the best selling Minute Meditations series include Bedside Blessings, The Beauty of God's Blessings and Five Meaningful Minutes a Day.
Published by Thomas Nelson Inc on 09/25/2003
Book details: 392 pages.
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