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Urban Cries, Volume One, Communicating with God Through Music & Performing Arts

As a vehicle of truth-telling, Music and Performing Arts of Black origin has always been a driving force in the expression and propagation of Black Culture and Awareness. And, as a medium of Communication, music in general terms, endorses and magnifies cultural expression and identity, therefore empowering the said community. The Hip-Hop culture of today in particular, has created a huge platform enabling young persons to achieve personal as well as financial success, thus becoming role models for others. This small work, volume one of the 'Urban Cries' series, coheres the intentions and objectives of the 'Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.' The intentions of the author therefore, is to inspire and motivate the at-risk youths of the UK primarily, to achieve whatever desired levels of success they wish; and to create a network of international savvy business minded individuals, including artists, and writers of any genre. The work also includes a set of transformative and Self-Empowering principles of which the reader is encouraged to apply within the context of change and transformation; whether individually or as a collective.