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The Be Safe Bunnies of Buttercup Meadow

Meet “The Be Safe Bunnies”. The 21st century version of Tufty and The Green Cross Code Man. Dexter, Daisy and Hugh live in Buttercup Meadow with their friends. The book has been created in a child friendly way, to help children learn and remember the Green Cross Code through a fun rhyming story. The colourful illustrations bring the characters and story to life in a way that children will love. Both authors work for local government in road safety for a combined 35 years, teaching in schools and at events road safety messages to young children.
Published by Grosvenor House Publishing on 12/22/2015
Book details: 22 pages.

The Sacred Weave of Mothering

Chasen presents a touching, amusing and authentic portrayal of a mother's struggle to create meaning and value in the daily routines of her four young children. Funny, sad and joyous, her stories connect to the common threads in readers, helping to weave tapestries of meaningful existence.
Published by Author's Choice Publishing on 07/18/2019
Book details: 160 pages.

The Life Cycle of a Polar Bear

Describes the habitat, life cycle, and behavior of polar bears.
Published by Crabtree Publishing Company on 07/18/2019
Book details: 32 pages.

Dutch Ovens Chronicled

When a significant number of Americans had to prepare meals in the out of doors—colonists, pioneers moving west, cowboys working the range, or sheep herders—they needed something portable to cook their food in. Iron casters filled that need by turning out various pots, pans, and ovens to be carried to cabins, campfires, wagon trains, and camping trails. One such vessel was the Dutch oven, which had been in use for generations. Dutch Ovens Chronicled offers a history of the development, care, and use of these ovens, complete with photos and recipes. This authoritative, informative, and eminently readable guide will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, antiquarians, and history buffs alike.
Published by University of Arkansas Press on 02/22/2016
Book details: 116 pages.

The Jews are the Jewels

An inspirational book for Jewish children .This book is written by my dad and dedicated to all Jews. It highlights the Great Jews who contributed to the society and the world. It is a simple book written keeping the Jewish children in mind and contains 108 prose verses.Also read author's other poetry books...THE BIG BANG HIJACKED, HUMOUROUS RUMINATIONS, A BLEAT PLAINTIVE, THREE IN ONE IN SPECIAL DAWN to enjoy author's creative writing in poetic verses for his great thought. (All his books combined contains about 650 poetic verses written in 17 days in the month of Sep 1999).Please visit my webpage at www.wonderisindia.com
Published by Lulu.com on 10/01/2004
Book details: 112 pages.

The Sons of Grady Rourke

THE DEAD MAN’S JOURNEY—Journada del Muerte, the locals called it: the blistering ocean of sand and sage between the Rio Grande River to the west and the Sacramento mountain range to the east. The bones of men and horses had bleached in the mile-high desert for three hundred years. Spanish conquistadors were the first white men to explore this new furnace of the Southeastern New Mexico Territory—and the first to perish. In the thin air, the riders coming down the mountain were sharply etched against the blue sky. Steam, blowing out of the ice-encrusted nostrils of their mounts and their two pack horses, surrounded the horsemen in a white veil. Descending the eastern face of the Sacramento mountains, the horses walked slowly and painfully on cracked hooves. The icy earth offered only a steep path paved with shards of glass; blood seeped around well-worn iron horseshoes. When the riders looked to the sky, they saw that the white sun would stay high enough for them to make Fort Stanton, ten miles into the valley. The riders knew the trail since boyhood. Words were not wasted in country where a man’s mouth would crack and bleed like his horse’s hooves. Beyond the fort lay the clapboard settlement of Lincoln. When Grady Rourke died, his sons, Sean, Patrick, and Liam, came back to claim the family land . . . What was left of it. It was January, 1878, when the Rourke brothers came back to this hard and dangerous land. They thought they were coming home. What they didn’t know was that they were about to become part of a vicious struggle for power. And that they would be forced to choose sides with either John Tunstall and Alexander McSween or J. J. Dolan and Sheriff William Brady. The battle would quickly become the infamous Lincoln County War—a dirty little war with no rules, no heroes, and no happy endings. Douglas Savage, the acclaimed author of Cedar City Rendezvous and Highpockets has taken the historical facts surrounding the Lincoln County War and its fascinating characters, and fashioned one of the most readable and revealing tales of the American frontier.
Published by M. Evans on 11/07/2013
Book details: 278 pages.
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