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A new superhero rises to protect and defend the citizenry of Zenith and to provide comfort to the city's damsels when they are in sexual distress. For Super Dick, taking just one criminal off the streets will never be enough. Likewise, seducing just one damsel will not suffice. And there are beauties aplenty in Zenith that will wait in line for his unique favors. Super Dick has his issues, especially when he has to save a buddy's ass rather than clean the punks off the streets or pleasure beautiful women. Well, no one ever said it was easy being a super-hero OR a super-stud. "You have never, ever, met a superhero like this one! Be prepared for a rip-roaring and erotically delightful adventure of a very unique form of superhero who not only protects his city but manages to also. well, you're just going to have to read The Uninhibited Adventures of a Very Horny Superhero by our very own J. Troy Seate to see what he, and his superhero creation, get up to!" -M. Christian, author Technorotica