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Daniel and the Revelation

Daniel and Revela-tion have been studied a long time now, and even some persons have con-cluded that some prophe-cies in Daniel and Reve-lation are multiple appli-cation prophecies. But this commentator has never before seen a book with parallel applications of the prophecies. That is here provided for the reader. The reader will notice that the parallel applications of Daniel 2, 7, 8, and 9 have only three parallel applications drawn out, whereas a portion of Daniel 11 has more drawn out. That is because the commentator has found seven legiti-mate applications of a portion of Daniel 11 (ending with the Ottoman Empire; Nazi Germany; Syria; Iraq; Northern United States; Russia; and the United Nations). To present the seven applica-tions of a portion of Daniel 11, the scriptural text had to be repeated. The Historic application was also repeated along-side the text for com-parison purposes with the other applications. All of the prophetic applications shown or un-shown are or were con-ditional prophecies. For the first applications, however, the conditions have already been met, and the prophecies have been fulfilled. For those applications still un-ful-filled, however, they can be truncated (shortened) at any time by a Rev. 11:15-19 experience.