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Daniel Eleven Mysteries

Some prophecies, like Daniel 2, for the most part, have been well understood by God's people for hundreds of years. Daniel 11 is different. Though the symbols are thrown off in that prophecy, and the angel prophesies in plain language, the prophecy has been more difficult because so many applications have presented themselves to scholars, and it has not been clear which application is correct. That is particularly true of the last verses of Daniel 11. The author has solved that problem by making all of the applications correct one after another in a sequence. He finds there are more applications of the last verses of Daniel 11 than of any other known prophecy of scripture (seven)! No wonder the prophecy has been intractable so long! The author does careful exegesis and develops an unparalleled hermeneutic base for accurate interpretations (24 hermeneutic principles). The research is not fruitless or moot; because several earth shaking results are brought to view. Ellen White points out the truth "that the promises and threatenings of God are alike conditional." 1SM 67. If the conditions were right, any of the last-day prophecies could be shortened by a Revelation 11:15-19 experience. Then let not the reader become irrevocably fixed on the scenario of events in this book. Prophecy will still be fulfilled no matter how events come to pass. And the 24 hermeneutic principles will hold true regardless. The reader will recognize the truth of the prophecies however they are fulfilled. God bless the reader as he/she reads and attempts to digest this book. May you learn from it precious things showing the nearness of the coming of Jesus. Amen.