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Advanced Prophetic Studies

This book is an outgrowth of a manuscript entitled, Advanced Prophetic Studies, by the author, written in 1981, later renamed, Manifold Revelation. This volume was designed to follow Blueprint for Revival (the precursor of Who Shall Stand) and The Daniel Eleven Mystery (the precursor of Daniel Eleven Mysteries) as a third volume in a set. The first two volumes in the set introduce the idea of more than one glorious coming of Christ during probationary time in the last days and a set of hermeneutic principles to test our prophetic views by. This volume takes those for granted, but explores those concepts through a wide range of Bible books. As in Daniel Eleven Mysteries, the text of the chapters is virtually free from the hermeneutic principles-those being reserved by chapter for Appendix A in Daniel Eleven Mysteries. The text, also, is a virtual commentary on the texts studied. Not only the applications envisioned in the original Advanced Prophetic Studies, but more recent applications of some of the texts are propounded. Every effort is made to bring the work up to date with the best light possible.