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Radioactive Waste - free Power Reactor

The world desperately needs a new inexpensive reliable safe energy source-an energy source that can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. The energy source described in this little book is just such a new energy source. The author has found the secrets of unlocking the E = mc2 energy in any matter. Reactor fuel need not be Uranium, Plutonium, or Hydrogen. It could be sand, water, air, garbage, toxic chemicals, or high level radioactive wastes-just to get rid of them. A little bit of fuel goes an extremely long way. The type of reactor that can do all these things is the Electrino Fusion Power Reactor. Electrinos are a better fit in particle physics than quarks, and more symmetric. Electrinos have the interesting property that they can fuse to become new particles-but each time they do so, they switch from matter to antimatter, or vice versa. We take advantage of this phenomenon to annihilate any matter to obtain energy for electricity generation. Some of the discoveries in this book are as old as 1983. Some came in 1995. Others came in 2004. The discovery, however, that made the EFP Reactor efficient enough to be self-sustaining and viable did not come until October 2007. The principle reactions, however, were not understood until July, 2008. Thus the EFP Reactor is a new discovery. The EFP Reactor, however, is not a single source of energy. Two kinds of energy sources are required in EFP Reactors. One type of energy produced is entropy energy for electricity production. The other type of energy produced with the reactor is positive order energy. This type of energy is necessary to make the accelerators 100% efficient and keep the irradiated electric panels from degrading with the strong radiation.