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Seeking a Unified Universe

My earliest memory was of a bath in the middle of the day. I was accustomed to baths early in the morning or late in the evening. I was not expecting a bath in the middle of the day. Mom's purpose was to prepare me for a birthday party. I don't remember the party or the boy honored, or even the bath-just the unusual fact of it. It was an exception to a rule. Across the street from our apartment in north Seattle, Washington was a school-Seattle Junior Academy. My mother, Inas Ziegler, taught there. The school had nice large swings on the playground that I loved to swing in. I am sure my mother and my father ( J.G. Ziegler) both frequently pushed me on the swings. But I do not remember that. I remember my Grandma Grace Ziegler pushing me on the swings. Another exception to a rule. My next memory was being babysat in the evening with my brother Jim in an older couple's home. What made that memorable was that they ate cold cereal in the evening. I had only eaten it in the morning. Another exception to a rule. My father and mother had gone out for the night conducting evangelistic meetings-playing the piano, singing, making chalk drawings, preaching, and showing slides on the screen. My parents were very successful in their efforts, and attracted a lot of favorable attention from the higher ups in our church. Growing up in such a family was an exception to the general rule in the church. It tended to make one either rebellious or specially conformant to what one perceived as the truth. I early chose the latter approach. My next memories were from our next home in a peach orchard in Kirkland, Washington.