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This is the anxiously anticipated follow up poetry book to “Poemography”. It is a well crafted and thought provoking work that allows insight into the mind of one of todays most talented poets. The author continues to add to his collective writings and inspire both young and old. With various emotions from anger to love, sarcasm to pure honesty, he lures you into a world you never knew existed.“Anonymous” draws focus to the beautiful poetry and less attention on the poet.You are sure to enjoy this book as the words come t life and embrace you.
Published by iUniverse on 03/14/2011
Book details: 124 pages.

Jazz Keyboard Harmony

This comprehensive study of harmony is a must for any musician interested in jazz. This book explains the essentials of jazz harmony in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner. A 12-key system is used to help you learn each concept in every key. Learn about rootless voicings, shell voicings, spread voicings, clusters, and how to select which voicings to use. Other topics include ii-V-I progressions, dominant chord cycles, "Rhythm Changes," Giant Steps substitutions, thinking in modes, non-diatonic progressions and much more.
Author: Noah Baerman
Published by Alfred Music Publishing on 06/18/2019
Book details: 95 pages.

The Pro Keyboardist's Handbook: Book & CD

If you dream of having a career as a professional keyboard player, then this book is for you! Professional performer and studio musician Jon Dryden offers advice on playing the keyboard and surviving in the music business. Covering everything from getting into a band and touring to songwriting, choosing sounds and playing great solos, this comprehensive guide is the ultimate reference for any aspiring professional keyboardist. You'll be coming back to this useful reference book for years to come.
Author: Jon Dryden
Published by Alfred Music Publishing on 07/01/2001
Book details: 96 pages.

Saudi Arabia

Discusses the geography, relgion, language, customs, life-styles, and culture of the people of Saudi Arabia.
Published by Lerner Publications on 06/18/2019
Book details: 48 pages.

Deadworld: Chronicles

This anthology features all-new stories set in Deadworld universe! In "The Quest", a woman searches for her husband even though he's a zombie. "The Coming of the Queen" reveals an old woman who somehow keeps zombies away. "Full English Breakfast" shows the horror on the other side of the Atlantic, plus many other stories. As a bonus, Mark Bloodworth presents a pin up gallery of "The Women of Deadworld" which spotlights both the living, the dead, and the in-between.
Author: Gary Reed
Published by Caliber Comics on 11/11/2008
Book details: 130 pages.

Japanese Americans

Describes why many Japanese immigrated to the United States and how they overcame periods of abusive treatment and prejudice to succeed in all avenues of society.
Published by Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP on 12/15/2006
Book details: 48 pages.
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