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It's a Hop, Skip, and Jump for Fitness and for Fun!

An intriguing, motivated book explores skipping rope—its history, its health benefits and the good ol’ ditties we used to sing! Grab a rope, or just skip in place; jump with joy in your heart and bring enthusiasm to your life. Restore your self-confidence, encourage the inner you as you gain strength and endurance, and even shed a few pounds for a healthier lifestyle. Start jumping now! Get all your friends involved—Mom and Dad, brother and sister, even Grandpa and Grandma. Step up to the challenge and fun for a new beginning to a new you and have a wonderful time doing it! To all the little children in our lives that bring us the touch of joy through their interaction and enthusiasm—may they carry forward this joy to all those that are willing to share with them. Two little eyes to look to God, two little ears to hear His word, Two little feet to walk in His ways, two little lips to sing His praise. Two little hands to do His will, and one little heart to love Him still. May we keep skipping uphill!
Published by WestBow Press on 07/18/2013
Book details: 110 pages.

Grief: A Mama’s Unwanted Journey

Grief: A Mama’s Unwanted Journey is not for those looking for pat answers, quick fixes, or easy solutions to work through, but for those on the journey through the sting of death. It is also for those who may one day walk arm in arm with another down this horrible road, facing grief’s raw and searing pain. “Great grief is a ferocious fire. It can be a destroying or a refining fire—or both at once. This book combines searing honesty with wisdom and consolation. Most importantly, it offers realistic hope that while grief and suffering are real words—about the lost one and those who have lost—they do not have to be the defining or final words. That final word is love, something that even suffering does not erase.” —Daniel Taylor, author of The Skeptical Believer “‘We cannot walk out of the cemetery and into life as we knew it. We must take time to grieve.’ So says my friend Shelley, who knows the path to her son’s grave well. If you are tired of platitudes, tired of the trite but untrue, this book is for you, as real and raw as it gets. Grieving moms, walk with her, learn from her successes and her mistakes, and hold her hand on the unwanted journey in the storm-tossed life-boat of grief. She will guide you safely back to sanity’s shore.” —Dane Skelton, pastor of Faith Community Church and author of Jungle Flight: Spiritual Adventures at the Ends of the Earth
Published by WestBowPress on 09/09/2013
Book details: 136 pages.

Station Games

•Game Finder Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Teaching Tips Make It Simple—Finding Your Inspiration Make It Fun—Planning Makes Perfect Make It Matter—Expecting the Best Chapter 2. Basic Skills Directions, Pathways, and Levels Jumping Jump Rope Basics Locomotor Skills Balance #1 Balance #2 Ball Handling Throwing and Tossing Volleying and Striking Variety Chapter 3. Sports Fundamentals Gymnastics Softball Basketball Volleyball #1 Volleyball #2 Soccer #1 Soccer #2 Hockey Tennis Chapter 4. Fitness Essentials Muscle Building Resistance Training Cardio-Jump Championship Obstacle Course Healthy Heart Circuits Upper Body Toning Lower Body Strengthening Warm-Up and Cool-Down Stretching Chapter 5. Themes Halloween Frights Christmas Cheers Winter Wonderland The Zoo Mother Goose Under the Big Top Field Day Chapter 6. Stretches, Tags, and Quick Skills Zoo Stretches Tag! You’re It Wipe Out—and Other Quick Ideas
Published by Human Kinetics on 07/22/2019
Book details: 117 pages.

Jump Rope

Provides a brief history of rope jumping, types of ropes used, and instructions for a variety of special moves.
Published by Capstone on 07/01/2004
Book details: 32 pages.

Step by Step

- Presents concepts and activities sequentially so that you can build the knowledge and confidence to implement a successful, rewarding movement education program - Outlines three behavior management techniques that you can use to control the energy released by a good movement program - Includes visual catalogs of movements so that you can see at a glance what tools you have to work with - Contains more than 200 engaging, easy-to-understand drawings to help you visualize some of the more complex movements, floor patterns, and directional studies - Brings together class management structures, movement concepts, and skill activities into 45 realistic, adaptable lesson plans - Offers activities that teach and reinforce numerous academic skills in language arts, math, and English language development Students benefit much more when you, the teacher, fully understand what you are teaching. That's why author and veteran teacher Sheila Kogan is so passionate about Step by Step: A Complete Movement Education Curriculum, Second Edition.In this indispensable guide, Kogan draws on her 30-plus years of experience to help elementary classroom teachers of all backgrounds and experience levels understand basic movement concepts so that they can create their own successful movement programs. The material is presented sequentially, step by step, to help you integrate important concepts and build toward goals. With encouragement, warmth, and wit, Kogan explains the underlying principles at each step using practical terms, not theoretical jargon. The first section of the book lays the groundwork, giving you a solid foundation in class management structures and basic movement concepts. It presents three behavior management techniques that you can use to control the energy released by a good movement program so that you can feel comfortable and keep children safe. Next, it presents the fundamental components that underlie all movement activities. You'll learn about locomotor and nonlocomotor movements, level changes, directions, and floor patterns. These components create a basic movement vocabulary that you can use as a foundation to teach any movement skill, from dance and gymnastics to sports and games. To make your job even easier, the book includes visual catalogs of movements so that you can see at a glance what tools you have to work with. (The catalogs also provide an easy reference that you can return to when you begin putting the movements into practice.) Next, the book builds on these basic concepts by introducing partner activities, obstacle courses and stations, props, miscellaneous tricks of the trade that fit specific needs, activities that reinforce classroom work, and advanced skills. These activities are not a random collection; rather, they grow out of the physical, cognitive, and social concepts already introduced. The final section of the book weaves together the class management structures, movement concepts, and skill activities into a realistic, adaptable curriculum for each of the three grade ranges: preschool to first grade, second and third grades, and fourth to sixth grades. Each curriculum starts with an easy-to-use chart that lists the 15 lesson plans for that grade range, with a brief explanation of each of the plan's goals and how each fits into the curriculum as a whole. The plans contain enough basic information to help beginning movement educators conceptualize their programs; the plans also include enough advanced information to help experienced movement educators take their programs to the next level. In each lesson plan, you'll find the following: - Teacher-to-teacher tips that give realistic insights into handling potential situations - Student objectives that clarify what your students will accomplish - A list of materials you will need - Teaching instructions that clearly explain the exact progression of the lesson - Adaptations that you can use to make the lesson easier or more difficult or to promote English language development via visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modes - Assessment suggestions that you can use with individual children or the class as a whole Although the book will be most valuable if you follow it sequentially, many of the activities can stand alone. Step by Step: A Complete Movement Education Curriculum, Second Edition,includes many teacher-friendly features: - An activity finder helps you select the activities that address particular skills or goals. It tells you where in the book each activity is first introduced, and it lists the lesson plans that contain each activity so that you can quickly find the essential details to put an activity to use. - Sidebars identify specific safety and troubleshooting tips with easily recognizable icons. - Real-life anecdotes show how others have dealt with situations you may face. - More than 200 engaging, easy-to-understand drawings help you visualize some of the more complex movements, floor patterns, and directional studies. No matter what your background or experience level is, you'll find the curriculum useful and extremely adaptable. Discover the joy and power that come from moving as you begin Step by Step: A Complete Movement Education Curriculum, Second Edition.
Author: Sheila Kogan
Published by Human Kinetics on 07/22/2019
Book details: 325 pages.

International Games

You can find many books that build the motor skills that kids need to succeed in a variety of physical activities and sports. But not many books open kids' eyes to the cultures and traditions of other countries, giving them a greater appreciation for and understanding of the world around them at the same time. International Games: Building Skills Through Multicultural Play features 65 games from 32 countries. The games build players' physical skills while increasing their cultural awareness, so they focus on the similarities between people no matter where they come from. The games make your teaching simple and effective. Most games require little in the way of equipment, and in many cases where equipment is needed, it can be made for a small cost. Each game - is presented in an easy-to-use format; - includes interesting information on the origin of the game; and - is clearly illustrated, showing pertinent parts of the game. International Games is great for physical education class or for an interdisciplinary multicultural unit taught in conjunction with other subjects, such as social studies or geography. To facilitate its use as an interdisciplinary tool, the book includes end-of-unit quizzes. The book can be used in two ways: You can work progressively by skill or teach the games by region. Activities are arranged so that each activity builds on skills learned in the previous activity. The book includes a game finder so you can easily find the game you want whether you teach by skill or by region. However you choose to use the games in this book, International Games provides a wealth of ideas for teaching kids about the world while they build their motor skills.
Published by Human Kinetics on 07/22/2019
Book details: 117 pages.

Shared Messages

For many years, Colleen has shared her inspirations and talent for writing to celebrate Christmas and special occasions in the lives of family and friends. In this collection of messages, we can enjoy a look into her life and ponder thoughts which help us better understand our Christian faith. She is a poet...not always with rhymes, but with messages. She has a way of catching you up in moments of discovering simple truths in new ways.
Published by WestBowPress on 08/20/2013
Book details: 108 pages.