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Christmas Trivia

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? The Everything® Family Christmas Series is the perfect Christmas gift to share with your family and friends! Inside you’ll read about how the celebration of Christmas has evolved throughout the years, revisit classic holiday movies, and test your Noel knowledge with a trivia quiz for the whole family. Warm your heart and bring your family closer together this Christmas with The Everything® Family Christmas - and capture the spirit of this memorable season.
Author: Adams Media
Published by Simon and Schuster on 12/01/2012
Book details: 100 pages.

International Perspectives on Social Security Reform

The aging of America's population makes it imperative that we reform Social Security, but so far we have failed. To instruct this seemingly endless quest, International Perspectives on Social Security Reform looks at public pension revision in six countries that, like the United States, are members of the OECD and have a long tradition of social security threatened by population aging. Canada, Sweden, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy have much to teach the United States about what works well--and what works badly. A substantive analysis of each country's reforms is augmented in commentary by distinguished economists, who offer their own opinions. Ideas examined include private accounts, notional accounts, incentives to delay retirement, and automatic systems of pension adjustment. With contributions from Réal Bouchard; Stuart Butler; James C. Capretta; Agneta Kruse and Edward Palmer; Estelle James; Lawrence H. Thompson; Tetsuo Kabe; Jagadeesh Gokhale; Richard Jackson; Michael Mersmann; Maya MacGuineas; Neil Howe; Alex Beer; John Turner; Stanford G. Ross; Alicia Puente Cackley, Tom Moscovitch, and Benjamin Pfeiffer; Paul N. Van de Water; and Dalmer D. Hoskins.
Published by The Urban Insitute on 06/25/2019
Book details: 171 pages.

The Meanings of Death

A major contribution to debates about the value of death and its place in Western and Eastern religions is presented by this work's belief that religious and secular attitudes can support and reinforce one another through their attitudes towards death.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 03/26/1993
Book details: 243 pages.

Courting Disaster

This twelfth culinary mystery from Joanne Pence has everything a mystery reader could ever want: romance, intrigue and, of course, murder. Loveable amateur sleuth and budding chef Angie Amalfi continues her adventures in this exciting addition to a popular series. Dilettante chef and amateur sleuth Angie Amalfi is at it again, in another culinary mystery in this successful series. Angie has reluctantly agreed to let her mother plan the party to celebrate her engagement to Paavo, her hunky detective beau. But as she frets over whether her mom will pull it off, a new situation surfaces––Stan, her next door neighbour, falls for a mysterious pregnant woman, and gets in over his head. With stalkers, baby–smuggling, and, of course, murder in the days leading up to the party, Angie must concentrate on solving a complicated crime, and reluctantly leave the party planning to mom. o Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich and mystery readers who love stories with a dash of romance. o Each instalment in the series features several delicious recipes from the kitchen of Angie Amalfi.
Author: Joanne Pence
Published by Harper Collins on 11/30/2004
Book details: 368 pages.

Write About Earth Science, Grades 6 - 8

Write About Earth Science provides students with many opportunities to communicate about earth science topics through writing. As an increasing number of standardized tests include science as a testing component, providing students with ample practice becomes important. Write About Earth Science offers a wide variety of writing experiences including summarizing, describing, synthesizing, predicting, organizing and interpreting charts, graphs, and results of experiments. Reading selections included are meant to supplement any science curriculum as well as serve as the focus for writing activities. Included within the selections are significant science facts, charts, graphs, experiments, and other useful information. A sample test covering all of the topics presented is part of the book, drawing on the individual quizzes and different writing types.
Author: Lesa Rohrer
Published by Carson-Dellosa Publishing on 10/22/2012
Book details: 64 pages.

The No-No Boys

Based on a true story in the winter of 1943¿Fourteen-year-old Tai Shimoda¿s family has lost everything. Like many other Japanese-Americans at the start of World War II, Tai¿s family has been forced to leave their home and move to Tule Lake Relocation Center¿a desolate camp surrounded by barbed wire in northern California. Though he misses his home in Sacramento, Tai keeps busy at Tule Lake hanging out with friends and training for the judo tournament. But as tensions in camp rise, Tai¿s brother, Ben, joins a group that has refused to swear allegiance to the United States. They call themselves the No-Nos. Tai¿s father calls them Disloyals. Soon Tai must decide what he believes. Will he join his beloved brother and the No-Nos or, like his father, remain true to America?
Published by Bailiwick Press on 11/01/2008
Book details: 160 pages.
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