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Stanislavski on Opera

Best known for his fundamental work on acting, Stanislavski was deeply drawn to the challenges of opera. His brilliant chapters here on Russian classics - Boris Gudonov and The Queen of Spades among them - as well as La Boh'eme will amaze and delight lovers of opera and followers of Stanislavski."
Published by Psychology Press on 07/22/1998
Book details: 374 pages.

American Labor and the Cold War

The American labor movement seemed poised on the threshold of unparalleled success at the beginning of the post-World War II era. Fourteen million strong in 1946, unions represented thirty five percent of non-agricultural workers. Why then did the gains made between the 1930s and the end of the war produce so few results by the 1960s? This collection addresses the history of labor in the postwar years by exploring the impact of the global contest between the United States and the Soviet Union on American workers and labor unions. The essays focus on the actual behavior of Americans in their diverse workplaces and communities during the Cold War. Where previous scholarship on labor and the Cold War has overemphasized the importance of the Communist Party, the automobile industry, and Hollywood, this book focuses on politically moderate, conservative workers and union leaders, the medium-sized cities that housed the majority of the population, and the Roman Catholic Church. These are all original essays that draw upon extensive archival research and some upon oral history sources.
Published by Rutgers University Press on 01/01/2004
Book details: 297 pages.

Harry Breuer's Ragtime Solos

(Meredith Music Percussion). Five original solos with piano accompaniment by a multi-faceted composer/performer and historically significant mallet soloist. This set includes program notes and a composer biography. These five pieces Mallets Ala Zurke * Rag Doll Rag * Temptation Revamp * Waltz in Ragtime * and Joplin on Wood are fun to play, fun to listen to, and will surely add to any concert or recital program, as well as repertoire for solo performances of any nature. Includes a CD recording of Harry Breuer playing each piece with piano accompaniment.
Author: Harry Breuer
Published by Hal Leonard Corporation on 10/01/2007
Book details: 28 pages.

The Flea Markets of France

"At once profound, spiritual, and witty, Master of the Three Ways is a remarkable work about human nature, the essence of life, and how to live simply and with awareness. In three hundred and fifty-seven verses, the author, Hung Ying-ming a seventeenth-century Chinese sage explores good and evil, honesty and deception, wisdom and foolishness, and heaven and hell. He draws from the wisdom of the Three Creeds Taoism, Confucianism, and Zen Buddhism to impress upon us that by combining simple elegance with the ordinary, we can make our lives artistic and poetic. This sense, along with a particular understanding of Zen that makes art from the simple in everyday life, has permeated Chinese and Japanese culture to this day. The work is divided into two books. The first generally deals with the art of living in society and the second is concerned with man's solitude and contemplations of nature. These themes repeatedly spill over into each other, creating multiple levels of meaning."
Published by New York Review of Books on 07/22/2019
Book details: 248 pages.

Opuscula. Essays, chiefly philological and ethnographical

Published on 07/22/1860
Book details: 418 pages.
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