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Handbook on Immunosenescence

This authoritative handbook covers all aspects of immunosenescence, with contributions from experts in the research and clinical areas. It examines methods and models for studying immunosenescence; genetics; mechanisms including receptors and signal transduction; clinical relevance in disease states including infections, autoimmunity, cancer, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases, frailty and osteoporosis; and much more.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 02/27/2009
Book details: 1693 pages.

Epistemic Uncertainty and Legal Theory

Crossing the usual boundaries of abstract legal theory, this book considers actual charter systems - legal systems with explicitly posited moral-political rights - as well as cases in constitutional adjudication. It shows the worth of careful reflection on methodological and meta-theoretical issues for a comprehensive account of a present-day legal system which is fast becoming the norm.
Published by Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. on 01/01/2008
Book details: 193 pages.


Birds don't fly with leads, I said. / Safety belts are to learn with, not to live with -- / I'm safer on the trapeze than crossing the road. / And I do that every day, often by myself. So thirteen-year-old Avis argues when confronted by the limitations imposed on her at school. She has epilepsy and some of the teachers want to stop her from participating in the sport she loves most. From societal limitations to the inner experience of seizures, Susan Hawthorne's poetry takes the reader on a journey rarely recorded. Physical injury, memory loss, explorations of consciousness and language are the concerns of the poet.
Published by Spinifex Press on 06/17/1999
Book details: 100 pages.

Globalisation, Markets and Healthcare Policy

Although the last two decades have seen the healthcare systems of most developed countries face pressure for major reform, the impact of this reform on the relationship between empowerment, consumerism and citizen’s rights has received limited research attention. Globalisation, Markets and Healthcare Policy sets out to redress this imbalance. This book explores the extent to which globalisation and commercialisation relate to current and emerging health policies. It also looks at the implications for citizens, patients and social rights, as well as how policy making interacts with the interests of global and European trade and economic policies. Topics discussed include: How the impact of globalisation on health systems is apparent in the influence of international actors and European policies. How the impact of globalisation is mediated by national priorities and policies and is therefore reflected in diverse influences. How commercialisation of health is presented as benefiting citizens and patients but has the potential to undermine the aims and values inherent in health systems. How the role of citizens' interests, social rights, patient’s rights and priorities of patient and public involvement need to be separated from commercialisation, choice and consumerism in health care. Essential reading for policy makers and students of public policy, politics, law and health services, Globalisation, Markets and Healthcare Policy will also appeal to those interested in patient involvement international healthcare, international relations, trans-national organisations and the EU.
Published by Routledge on 09/10/2009
Book details: 208 pages.
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