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Delaware Trivia

Delaware Trivia is the ultimate quiz book on the great state of Delaware. Newly updated and revised, Delaware Trivia will provide hours of entertainment and education.
Author: Phil Milford
Published by Thomas Nelson on 02/11/2001
Book details: 192 pages.

New Environmentalism

This book explains the role of New Zealand’s environmental agencies and regulatory legislation, taking in the impact of international agreements and treaties. It traces the fortunes of sustainable policy approaches and analyzes the activities of the public agencies charged with managing the environment. Moving on to a detailed thematic status report on New Zealand’s environment, it examines rural, freshwater, coastal, oceanic, atmospheric and urban zones. Finally, chapters detail public perceptions and normative environmental values as well as the depth of business commitment to environmental responsibility. An ideal introduction to the topic for a diverse range of scholars, the book eschews any specific theoretical framework in charting the recent evolution, current operation and future trajectory of environmentalism in New Zealand. It backs strategic advice with both social and ecological data, and raises questions over the country’s reputation for greenness at the same time as recognizing its numerous achievements. With neat summaries of key issues at the end of each chapter, expansive guidance on further reading, and a multitude of examples ideal for classroom debate, this volume gives us an informed, objective, and wide-ranging appraisal on a topic of increasing centrality in the policy debate.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 05/15/2012
Book details: 303 pages.

Beyond the Great Wall

Collects recipes from in and around China including Hani chile-garlic paste, ham sesame coils, Lhasa beef and potato stew, and tomato bell pepper salad.
Published by Artisan Books on 01/01/2008
Book details: 376 pages.

Freedom and Value

Freedom of the sort implicated in acting freely or with free will is important to the truth of different sorts of moral judgment, such as judgments of moral responsibility and those of moral obligation. Little thought, however, has been invested into whether appraisals of good or evil presuppose free will. This important topic has not commanded the attention it deserves owing to what is perhaps a prevalent assumption that freedom leaves judgments concerning good and evil largely unaffected. The central aim of this book is to dispute this assumption by arguing for the relevance of free will to the truth of two sorts of such judgment: welfare-ranking judgments or judgments of personal well-being (when is one's life intrinsically good for the one who lives it?), and world-ranking judgments (when is a possible world intrinsically better than another?). The book also examines free will’s impact on the truth of such judgments for central issues in moral obligation and in the free will debate. This book should be of interest to those working on intrinsic value, personal well-being, moral obligation, and free will.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 10/24/2008
Book details: 204 pages.

The Coconut Monk

Based on the life of a Buddhist monk, presents the story of a simple monk and his two friends, a cat and mouse, who live in harmony and advocate for peace. Reprint.
Author: Thich Hanh
Published by Parallax Press on 03/01/2009
Book details: 40 pages.

Anything Goes

Anything Goes traces the life and career of John Barrowman, from his Glaswegian childhood and American adolescence to his first big break starring alongside Elaine Paige in Anything Goes. Since then, John has made a name for himself with outstanding West End achievements, including an Olivier Award nomination, and success in the movies The Producers and De-Lovely. His triumphant transition into television was confirmed when Torchwood won a Best Drama BAFTA. John also lays bare his personal life: his emigration as a child, coming out to his family and his 2006 civil partnership with long-term boyfriend Scott Gill. Anything Goes is revelatory and insightful, told with real heart and characteristic Barrowman charm. This is a wonderful tale of how one boy achieved his dreams.
Published by Michael O'Mara Books on 10/10/2009
Book details: 256 pages.

Writing in Society

Raymond Williams's work was always concerned with the relation between culture and society. This book focuses on specific texts and authors, exploring the historical and cultural sources of their particular forms of writing. In it, Williams examines dramatic form and language in Racine and Shakespeare; the politics of fiction in the English Jacobin novel; David Hume and Charles Dickens and the changing characteristics of English prose; Robert Tressell, The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists, and the role of region and class in the English novel. Also included are Williams's reflections on the rise of English studies, on their crisis as the literary traditions of Cambridge University were beset by the 'structuralist controversy', and on the wider implications of this redefinition of the critical field.
Published by Verso on 06/18/1983
Book details: 268 pages.
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