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Auletris: Erotica

Auletris: Erotica is the long-lost collection written by Anais Nin in the early 1940s. The original manuscript was sold in California, where five copies were illicitly printed and sold under the table in 1950. It has been since unknown to the public until a copy surfaced recently and was verified as Nin's work, a major literary find. The book consists of two sections: "Life in Provincetown," a series of intertwining stories set in one of Nin's 1940s haunts, which has never before been published in any form; the other is the uncut, uncensored version of "Marcel," a heavily edited version of which appears in Nin's bestselling Delta of Venus. The stories in Auletris have not been edited for content and appear exactly as Nin wrote them for a mysterious "collector" in 1940-1941. Nin tackles all sorts of taboos here in her classic poetic prose, and she writes in a refreshingly non-judgmental way.