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Quantum Macroeconomics

Quantum Macroeconomics presents a new paradigm in macroeconomic analysis initiated by Bernard Schmitt. It explains the historical origin, the analytical contents, and the actual relevance of this new paradigm, with respect to current major economic issues at national and international level. These issues concern both advanced and emerging market economies, referring to inflation, unemployment, financial instability, and economic crises. In the first part of this volume, leading scholars explain the historical origin and analytical content of quantum macroeconomics. The second part explores its relevance with respect to the current major economic issues such as the sovereign debt crisis and European monetary union. The volume also features two previously unpublished papers by Bernard Schmitt. The main findings of this book concern the need to go beyond agents’ behaviour to understand the structural origin of a variety of macroeconomic problems, notably, inflation, unemployment, financial instability, and economic crises. The originality that pervades all contributions is plain, when one considers the lack of any structural explanation of national and international economic disorders in the literature within the mainstream approach to economics. This edited volume is of great interest to those who study macroeconomics, monetary economics and money and banking.
Published by Routledge on 10/04/2016
Book details: 202 pages.

Sara Snow's Fresh Living

In this easy-to-follow guide, the green-living expert and host of the popular TV shows Living Fresh and Get Fresh with Sara Snow offers busy families simple, affordable ways to create a healthy, environmentally friendly home—room by room. Every day, families make countless consumer choices, from which diapers to use to which apples to buy, to whether their next car should be a hybrid. For new parents concerned about the future of their children—and of the planet they will leave them—being informed feels especially urgent. But in the midst of a booming natural and organics industry, the many options can make easing into living green confusing. Now Sara Snow offers practical solutions for every aspect of family life, from laundry to recycling to decorating the nursery. Discover ways to green… • your kitchen with healthier foods and safer cooking and storage options • your bathroom with recycled toilet and tissue paper and nontoxic cleaning supplies • your bedroom—and your love life—with chic eco-friendly bedding and sexy personal products • your yard with a rain barrel attached to your gutter downspout to reduce runoff, prevent erosion, and capture clean water for your flowers, vegetables, and lawn And there’s much more to inspire and encourage you, from advice on introducing children to healthy eating, to products and foods for your animal companions, to chemical-free gardening—plus sidebars offering insider secrets from green-living pioneers. Here is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to do something positive for the well-being of their family, while leaving a lighter footprint on the world. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Author: Sara Snow
Published by Bantam on 03/24/2009
Book details: 288 pages.

Chasing Rainbows And Similar Acts of Foolishness

The book is composed of many short stories about growing up in Cochise County, Arizona in the 1940’s and 1950’s including stories told by my Dad and Mom and carrying on through my lifetime. It includes stories of many experiences of my own and also some of Dad’s and my Grandpa Kennedy’s. I also included a few stories of same interesting people I have met in the last sixty five years. I have tried to keep it light and entertaining and happy.
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 07/31/2008
Book details: 107 pages.

The European Waste Industry and Crime Vulnerabilities

The influence of organised crime on business activities, enterprises and economic sectors is a matter of concern for many policy makers across the world. As a profit driven criminal activity, organised crime operates in an environment which is not limited to the underworld economy alone. Assessments of the threat posed by organised crime and strategic (preventive) actions to tackle this phenomenon require an understanding of the vulnerable spots in the legal economy that are or might be exploited by crime. This book is the outcome of a study known under the acronym MAVUS II (Method for and Assessment of Vulnerability of Sectors II) which addresses this issue. The study provides a vulnerability profile of the European waste industry based on a new methodology to scan economic sectors for their vulnerability to (organised) crime. Both vulnerability study and methodological tool are intended as a guide for actions and initiatives to be taken by governments, law enforcement bodies and economic players.
Author: Tom Beken
Published by Maklu on 01/01/2007
Book details: 190 pages.

Carl Linnaeus

How can we organize and name all of the different animals and plants in the world? Many had tried before, but Carl Linnaeus came up with a system that we still use today. This Swedish scientist from over 300 years ago is known as the father of classification. Linnaeus’s system gave each plant or animal just two names. For example, the scientific term for human beings is Homo sapiens. In Latin, Homo means "man" and sapiens means "wise."
Published by Enslow Publishing, LLC on 12/15/2014
Book details: 96 pages.


Stand Strong in Life’s Furnaces How do you respond when the bottom drops out? What happens to your character quotient when things don’t go the way you planned? How do you react when the temperature is rising, you are under attack, and God seems far away? Daniel discovered that the furnace experiences of life refine and define us. Spiritual integrity rarely grows when everything goes our way. Instead, God uses things like a furnace, a lion’s den, a mad king, and exile in a foreign country to forge character in a soul. If you long to meet God in the challenging times and come through the fire stronger and more faithful, Daniel is ready to show the way.
Published by Zondervan on 12/15/2009
Book details: 96 pages.
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