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Screams, an Anthology of Dark, Contemporary Art and Poetry

Screams is a poetry book anthology, companion to Whispers, by Amanda Gatton. Screams contains poems and art of a dark or sinister nature. Topics include abuse, deception, loneliness, mental illness, anguish, contempt, and many more. Titles of the poems are as follows: Whispers and Screams, A Picture Painted, The Devil Inside, Unknown to You, Confusion, Hill of Beans, Anger, Lonely, Spare Me, Look Me in the Eye While You Lie, Most of the Night, Left Behind, Preacher Man, Afraid, Winter, Rollins, Confused Abuse, Results, I Fall Down, The Madness, Just the Same, The Only World, The Memories, Smiles, Free Spirit, Amused, and Permanent Decision. Here is an excerpt, the poem "A Picture Painted."you saw me oncequiet confidenceeasy smilea song happily from my lipssparkling eyesany and all of what you sawwould have been lies…once you thought of mesturdy and strongperfectly togethersweet little lifelovely friend, grateful wifeyou could not have known of this paincutting me like a knifethere was a time that you hated meangry eyessharp tonguecruel witmy rise, your fallbut really you missed everything realthat was just a wallonce you thought you had me figured outwicked womannaughty girlsweet ladyprincess, elfhow could you have possibly knownwhat i did not know myselfsomeday you may remember mesad girla little unhingedbasically goodan innocent taintedand now you know the awful truthit was all just a picture. painted.