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The Race to Save Our Century

In this call to a return to the morals, values, and convictions that championed social justice and responsibility, human rights activist Jason Jones joins scholar John Zmirak to expose the historical roots of ideologies that debase human dignity and to lay out five core principles to save the 21st century from the global conflicts, genocides, and wars that plagued the 20th. The authors trace the origins of secularism to the failures of Christians to live out their faith, and explain how humanism declined inexorably into "subhumanism," which they categorize as the mishmash of pseudo-Christian, vaguely liberal, half-cynical assertions that is the unspoken philosophy of the post-Christian West. The diatribe takes subhumanists to task for disavowing the human-rights abuses inflicted during the 20th century while promoting a worldview that offers no strong arguments to prevent such abuses happening again-perhaps in different forms. The book also dissects what Pope John Paul II termed the "Culture of Death," and presents essential principles that must be embraced if human dignity and freedom are to be the hallmarks of the 21st century.