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Man to Man

Although prostate cancer is a disease that strikes nearly 200,000 men every year, it is a disease that has been shrouded in silence, in part because it strikes at the very core of masculine identity. But in Man to Man, bestselling author Michael Korda breaks that silence, turning the story of his illness and recovery into a candid and instructive book that speaks not only to every man and woman whose life has been touched by prostate cancer but to everyone who lives in fear of it. With unsparing frankness, Korda describes how he survived the ordeal of prostate surgery and its painful and humiliating aftereffects. He tells us how tumors are graded, evaluates different treatments, and makes sense of prostate cancer's mystifying "numbers." Practical, immensely readable, filled with information, and, above all, hopeful, Man to Man is literally a life-saver. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Published by Vintage on 09/07/2011
Book details: 272 pages.

Dress Like the Big Fish

This original work contains pearls of wisdom about image for men and women going through career transition or just entering the workforce from a clothing and image expert who has helped thousands of people make major changes in their lives. Explains fabric, fit, what to buy when, what to wear for different types of situations and occasions and the importance of accessorizing properly. Contains a chart of laundry symbols and their meanings and a comprehensive glossary.Written for those who are changing or thinking about changing their career and life, this book is perfect for transitioning military personnel, those looking for a promotion, people who have had jobs where uniforms were dictated, recent graduates and others who want to achieve more. Readers will find easy to read sections on professional dress, business casual, casual, and formal attire for all occasions. They will also find a checklist for each type of wardrobe with sections for What to Buy Now, What to Buy Next and Optional items the reader can add as they go. Another helpful feature of the book is a two-week rotation schedule that illustrates how the reader can mix and match a small wardrobe to function like a much larger wardrobe.
Author: Dick Lerner
Published by Concierge Publishing Svcs. on 01/01/2008
Book details: 210 pages.

The Art of Sequencing

A plain language guide to today's most modern method of musical arranging. Author Don Muro carefully and thoroughly explains and demonstrates MIDI, sequencers, how to create single and multi- track sequences, multi-track sequences with multi and mono-timbral synthesizers, and various basic editing techniques.
Author: Don Muro
Published by Alfred Music
Book details: 164 pages.

Hand-book for the preservation of pictures

Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 88 pages.

Meaningful Funerals

Addresses how funerals may be created which are not only relevant for the bereaved, but which also have theological integrity
Author: Ewan Kelly
Published by A&C Black on 10/18/2008
Book details: 212 pages.

The Complete Guide to Investing in Derivatives

As one of the more complex but higher yielding financial opportunities available, derivative investing has become a multitrillion-dollar industry. The combination of lower risks and potential skyrocketing gains that a derivative offers has made many people stop and take notice, yet the seemingly complex nature of such an investment is cause for pause. With this complete guide, you will not only understand how derivatives work, you can also start making incredibly high returns on a regular basis, all while minimizing your risk. You will start by learning exactly what derivatives are and how the various different forms, including forward contracts, futures contracts, swaps, and options, allow you to make trades on less tangible things outside of the various different trading opportunities you normally have. You will learn why it is important to know everything about derivatives before you start to trade and the vital use of risk analysis and management to maintain the economic stability of your portfolio. You will learn how to use post data and other variables to manage your risk and what the market uses to determine the futures and forward contract prices. In addition, the prices of commodities, exchanges rates, and interest rates as they apply to derivatives will be discussed, including how they are established. You will learn what a contract provides, how the futures markets operate, what taxes and commissions you can expect in futures trading, and what people are currently working on in the futures market. You will learn the various option pricing models and trading strategies and also how the continuous time option pricing model operates in different markets.
Published by Atlantic Publishing Company on 11/30/2010
Book details: 288 pages.

Luminescence Dating

THE STORY: LUMINESCENCE DATING is a thriller about a lost statue, a lost son, an ancient mystery and a love affair between two desperately mismatched people. Angela Hart has spent the better part of her career searching for a voluptuous naked Aphro
Published by Dramatists Play Service Inc on 01/01/2007
Book details: 56 pages.

"An American commoner"

Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 404 pages.

Democracy South Africa : Evaluating the 1999 Election

The 1999 election presented the HSRC with a number of opportunities for conducting election studies. These included measuring the shift in public perceptions and support in the run-up to the election, and conducting the first ever exit poll.
Published by HSRC Press on 07/23/1999
Book details: 134 pages.

Talk and Social Interaction in the Playground

This book offers a rich and detailed empirical account of children's play and interaction in the school playground. Drawing on the approaches of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, 'Talk and Social Interaction in the Playground' examines the organisation of membership and social action in a game created by a group of children. It offers rich insights into the methods and practices used by children to produce play and social order, making a significant and substantial contribution to the study of talk-in-interaction, as well as to studies of children's play, competencies, and social interaction. The book demonstrates the importance of putting aside preconceived assumptions about how children talk and interact in order to reveal the situated methods and practices that children use - not because they are children, but because they are social beings. As well as appealing to scholars of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, ’Talk and Social Interaction in the Playground’ will be of interest to students and researchers in a range of disciplines, including child studies, developmental psychology, education, applied linguistics, and sociology.
Published by Routledge on 12/05/2016
Book details: 230 pages.
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