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The Chicano Experience

Mirandé offers a detailed examination of Chicano social history and culture that includes studies of: Chicano labor and the economy; the Mexican immigrant and the U.S.-Mexico border conflict; the evolution of Chicano criminality; the American educational system and its impact on Chicano culture; the tensions between the institutional Church and Chicanos; and the myths and misconceptions of "machismo."
Published by University of Notre Dame Pess on 02/18/1994
Book details: 288 pages.

Labor and the Economy

Labor and the Economy provides the theory, empirical studies of the labor force, and public policies that flow from the theories and empirical studies in the field of labor economics. The book focuses on economic issues and debates. Topics discussed in the text include the history of labor economics; the microeconomic foundations of labor economics; the interaction between labor's effect on the macroeconomy and the macroeconomy's effect on labor; and the interrelation of trade unions with other economic institutions. Graduate and undergraduate students of economics as well as practicing economists will find the book a good reference material.
Published by Elsevier on 10/22/2013
Book details: 556 pages.

Nordic Tourism

Tourism is a major industry in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) as well as a growing field of academic study. For many cities and regions tourism is also increasingly recognised as being integral to economic, social and sustainable development. In addition, tourism also contributes to Nordic identity through destination promotion and tourism activities, including winter tourism and the tradition of access to common land, as well as specific forms of tourism, such as second homes. Nordic Tourism is the first comprehensive and accessible introduction to tourism in the region that links Nordic tourism research and concerns with key concepts in tourism studies. The book consists of eleven chapters dealing with issues ranging from, for example, marketing and policy to nature-based tourism, culture and the contribution of tourism to environmental change. The inclusion of case studies from leading Nordic researchers on specific destinations, attractions, resources, sectors and developments also provides a valuable learning tool for all students of tourism.
Published by Channel View Publications on 11/11/2008
Book details: 310 pages.

Materials and Surface Engineering in Tribology

This title is designed to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of tribology. The book introduces the notion of a surface in tribology where a solid surface is described from topographical, structural, mechanical, and energetic perspectives. It also describes the principal techniques used to characterize and analyze surfaces. The title then discusses what may be called the fundamentals of tribology by introducing and describing the concepts of adhesion, friction, wear, and lubrication. The book focuses on the materials used in tribology, introducing the major classes of materials used, either in their bulk states or as coatings, including both protective layers and other coatings used for decorative purposes. Of especial importance to the tribology community are sections that provide the latest information on Nanotribology, Wear, Lubrication, and Wear-Corrosion: Tribocorrosion and Erosion-Corrosion.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 05/10/2013
Book details: 240 pages.

Trivial Pursuit

TRIVIAL PURSUIT - Beef Tea and Marlowe Philips are incompetent private detectives who are on a case that takes them through the USA, Mexico and finally to Spain. They are following the dangerous criminals Wilma and Lance, who are, in turn, trying to kill them. They run across some strange characters, like Boll Weevil, the Texan peanut farmer, Fat Al, the Mexican drugs baron, or Tobias Jugg, the captain of a tramp steamer, and several celebrities, such as Bob Dylan, Edgar Broughton and Captain Beefheart, together with a weird menagerie of animals. As they journey on they reminisce, talking about and criticising or praising such things as varied as cricket averages, Play-doh, Marcel Proust and Roger Whittaker. The mystery ends with a modern enactment of the last scenes of Hamlet.
Author: Paul House
Published by Lulu.com on 12/01/2006
Book details: 336 pages.

Amnesty, Human Rights and Political Transitions

Amnesty laws are political tools used since ancient times by states wishing to quell dissent, introduce reforms, or achieve peaceful relationships with their enemies. In recent years, they have become contentious due to a perception that they violate international law, particularly the rights of victims, and contribute to further violence. This view is disputed by political negotiators who often argue that amnesty is a necessary price to pay in order to achieve a stable, peaceful, and equitable system of government. This book aims to investigate whether an amnesty necessarily entails a violation of a state's international obligations, or whether an amnesty, accompanied by alternative justice mechanisms, can in fact contribute positively to both peace and justice. This study began by constructing an extensive Amnesty Law Database that contains information on 506 amnesty processes in 130 countries introduced since the Second World War. The database and chapter structure were designed to correspond with the key aspects of an amnesty: why it was introduced, who benefited from its protection, which crimes it covered, and whether it was conditional. In assessing conditional amnesties, related transitional justice processes such as selective prosecutions, truth commissions, community-based justice mechanisms, lustration, and reparations programmes were considered. Subsequently, the jurisprudence relating to amnesty from national courts, international tribunals, and courts in third states was addressed. The information gathered revealed considerable disparity in state practice relating to amnesties, with some aiming to provide victims with a remedy, and others seeking to create complete impunity for perpetrators. To date, few legal trends relating to amnesty laws are emerging, although it appears that amnesties offering blanket, unconditional immunity for state agents have declined. Overall, amnesties have increased in popularity since the 1990s and consequently, rather than trying to dissuade states from using this tool of transitional justice, this book argues that international actors should instead work to limit the more negative forms of amnesty by encouraging states to make them conditional and to introduce complementary programmes to repair the harm and prevent a repetition of the crimes. David Dyzenhaus "This is one of the best accounts in the truth and reconciliation literature I've read and certainly the best piece of work on amnesty I've seen." Diane Orentlicher "Ms Mallinder's ambitious project provides the kind of empirical treatment that those of us who have worked on the issue of amnesties in international law have long awaited. I have no doubt that her book will be a much-valued and widely-cited resource."
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing on 09/10/2008
Book details: 598 pages.
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