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An Angry-Ass Black Woman

Traces the impoverished early years of Ke-Ke, who awakens from a coma in her midlife to confront events that shaped her resolve to leave Harlem, earn an education, and pursue a writing career.
Published by Simon and Schuster on 10/02/2012
Book details: 288 pages.

The Good and the Ghastly

It’s the thirty-fourth century and the nuclear apocalypse has come and gone. Civilization has rebuilt itself, and the results are eerily similar to the early part of the twenty-first century. But there are a few notable differences. Visa owns everything. Deer are the most common domesticated animal. And misinterpretations of preapocalyptic history run amuck (e.g., Sarah Palin established the theory of natural selection). But what hasn’t changed is the nature of good and evil. The Good and the Ghastly centers on two people linked through violence. Mobster Junior Alvarez has risen from street thug to criminal overlord. He will go to incredible lengths to get what he wants—and he desires to live however he pleases, without compromise. The intensity of his quest is matched only by that of the mother of one of Alvarez’s first victims. She has gone vigilante and is hunting down mobsters. The two are prepared to go to the ends of the earth to manifest their wills—one good, one ghastly, both ruthless. A wild satire of our own society, The Good and the Ghastly is a visceral novel informed by Boice’s unnerving sense of reality and pathology. It is also an honest, old-fashioned good-versus-evil story—with a twist of modern-day madness.
Author: James Boice
Published by Simon and Schuster on 06/14/2011
Book details: 288 pages.

John Milton and His Times

Author: Max Ring
Published on 07/22/1868
Book details: 308 pages.

Treasury of Scales for Band and Orchestra

The Treasury of Scales includes all major and minor scales in harmonized form -- 96 total. Scales are harmonized in SATB format. The harmony and tempo conditions give the conductor material to teach tone, balance, and intonation. It's easy to use because so many of the instruments are playing the exact same lines. Treasury of Scales should be in every band folder as a permanent part of the repertoire and used daily as a warm-up exercise.
Published by Alfred Music
Book details: 8 pages.

Move Over!

Five animal friends on a rubber raft are asked to make room so more of their friends can join them.
Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. on 07/22/2019
Book details: 28 pages.

Humanistica Lovaniensia - Volume XLII

Volume 42
Published by Leuven University Press on 01/01/1993
Book details: 526 pages.
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